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Replacement Fan

for VRD-MC6 DVD recorder

The VRD-MC6 is a very good unit for transferring video to DVD format. The resulting dvd is a very good image quality. The only downside to this otherwise excellent machine is eventually the fan will make noises.

rrrrrrrrrr zzzzzzz rrrrrrrr zzzzzzzzzzz

or not spin at all.

When the fan doesn't spin or spins too slowly- then the machine will start getting too hot internally. See it needs airflow to cool all of the micro-electronic components like IC chips, surface mount capacitors, surface mount diodes, surface mount resistors, and surface mount transistors.

When the fan stops - the electronics will fail- as it needs cooling.

I am offering 2 services

1. I can sell you a brand new fan only

2. Or you can send me your VRD-MC6 then I can replace the fan for you and send it back ready to go.

If you are a handy person- handy with taking apart delicate devices and able to put them back exactly as before- then you may be interested in just the fan.

I'm not affiliated with Sony in any way. I have serviced many Sony machines and am a qualified repairman/technician. I'm not affiliated with Sony in any way. I am not an authorized Sony service company. The substitute fan is a compatible fan with good performance. The fan I'm offering you is not the same model as before. It is a substitute fan which I have found to work excellent. I make no claims of duration of this replacement fan - no warranty expressed or implied.

You paid alot for this great little standalone DVD recorder- why let a little thing like a fan going bad - ruin it? Change out the fan before it goes bad - at the first signs of noise issues.

You will receive a brand new fan - never used or installed.

I suggest that a technically proficient person install this replacement part. Disassembling your DVD recorder, soldering, installing a fan, reassembling requires a skill-level which not everyone can do themselves. Installing a new fan on a heat damaged dvd recorder will not revive it. Please replace the fan before your recorder becomes heat damaged. At the first signs of fan noise or other clue that your fan is worn - replace your fan. Replacing your fan early and inspecting your old fan for proper operating is important. I offer no guaranty and no warranty sorry. I purchase these fans in bulk from a well-respected electronics distributor and have personally used this fan in my own machines. It is the only solution to the issue - that I know of. Finding just the right fan was a very difficult task, and I feel that my replacement fan is much better than the original.

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