Dr Virago Pete's
Replacement Doorbell Button

Do you have a broken doorbell button?

I can tell you several very good reasons to fix your old doorbell RATHER THAN buying a new one.
1. You like your old doorbell and probably already replaced it years ago. Now this one is broken AGAIN.
2. You wont find one that you like better
3. A new one would come with different screws
    a. you would have to drill new holes
    b. the old holes - water would seep in and rot your wood over time.
    c. chance of drilling wrong and messing it up
4. You could spend all day looking at stores and driving around and wasting gas
5. You'd bu something else that you dont need while at the stores
6. Buy American rather than buying foreign products and services

SAVE TIME, GAS, and AGGRAVATION- buy a replacement doorbell button here.

OK well how do I make your replacement doorbell button?
1. I measure a doorbell button using a caliper ( a very precision measuring tool )
2. I use computer software called CAD and make a drawing and save it to a file.
3. I save this file onto a SD Card memory storage
4. I insert this SD card with CAD file into my Doorbell Button Making machine.
5. About half an hour later VOILA your doorbell button is finished.

See this is MY DOORBELL, you know the one that started this whole thing of JUST REPLACE THE BUTTON RATHER THAN THE WHOLE DOORBELL. Do you like it? See it doesnt look different. In fact, if I didnt tell you the doorbell button was made on a doorbell button making machine - you'd never know the difference! Right!

Well why did I decide to fix my doorbell over replacing it? I dont know why- just personal preference. I like it and chose it many years ago. The body has a shape I like and seemed sturdy with a metal housing. Even ater all of these years it still is not rusty or tarnished looking. The ONLY FLAW was the plastic button which was destroyed by
1. Sunlight UV destroys plastic over time
2. Those pesky door to door salespeople
3. Trick or Treaters by the thousands have rung my doorbell
4. Religious missionaries
5. Kids wanting to cut my grass for a fee
6. UPS and Post Office and Federal Express deliveries
7. People asking for directions
8. Kids selling band candy, cookies, raffle tickets, etc
9. Family, friends, neighbors, guests, visitors, coworkers, etc
10. Age of the plastic
11. Exposure to nature and weather

I decided to make myself a new plastic piece as I know that when I make something - I care about my workmanship. I knew I could do a better job than the original. Only time will tell to see if it outlasts the original. I hope so, but I dont offer any guaranty on time or durability.

It fits good and looks good.