This listing is for 1ea CD-ROM disc "Dr Virago Pete's Foundry & Metal Melting"

 Build A Mini
Metal Melting Furnace
For Under $100 Total Cost

The Fuel Is Ordinary BBQ Grill Charcoal

  • Knowing how to make your own metal parts helps your business grow
  • Make your own custom aluminum parts from scratch
  • Shows Do-It-Yourself Foundry construction and demonstration
  • Shows Pro Electric Kiln electrical repair and demonstration
  • Solder pot demonstration
  • Use scrap aluminum to make molten aluminum castings
  • Explains melting temperatures
  • Full sound/Full motion/Full Screen Videos
  • CD-ROM plays on any PC
  • 9 professionally edited videos
  • Total cost less than $100 and incorporates common blower motor.
  • Handy and money saving design

What Is It?
This listing is for 1ea CD-ROM disc (CD-R disc plays on any up-to-date PC) which shows step-by-step how to build your own metal melting furnace. The materials and supplies needed have a total cost of less than $100. You will need three common plastic pails/buckets and a certain type of cement (I give all of the details and where to buy inside the CD-ROM) to make your kiln / oven / furnace / foundry as these are typical names in the industry. The problem is that store bought kilns are very expensive and are power hungry. My mission is to bring this unique design (I have incorporated many of my own exclusive content and inventiveness in my very own creation) to small- workshop metal workers. Until now, this type of work and machinery and equipment was cost-prohibitive. Now you can use some of that small scrap metal such as lathe cutoffs, old lawnmowers cut up into pieces, and everyday trash that you would put in your recycle/trash container. Now you can give that unused or unwanted scrap metal into something useful such as a plastic injection mold, sculpture, or machine part (CD-ROM doesn't cover detailed moldmaking I only show how to make a rectangle brick from which it is up to you to machine it down into whatever shape or part)

Sometimes, I get a laugh out of my visitors when I say that some of my highly engineered gears, shafts, machine parts, and more were once an old lawnmower. You see, I found an old lawnmower- liquified the metal through the use of my homemade foundry kiln (these very plans show how I made my own several years ago - you'll love it.) and then poured the 1485degree F molten metal into fine grain sand molds (the sand came from a local department type store which sells hardware and tools) You mean that (Machine part/item cast) was once an old lawnmower? Yes, there is no resemblance to the lawnmower anymore- only the molten liquified VERY HOT aluminum was reused by pouring the liquid metal.

In today's bad economy we hear alot about melting down gold and getting money for it through pawn shops and infomercials. I certainly don't have any Gold. I didn't build this machine for Gold. I built it to melt down all of the useless little scrap pieces leftover when I mill something or turn a part on my lathe. The leftover pieces can now be used to cast whatever I want. The little flakes, chips, blocks, leftovers are worth practically zero- but meltingthem down and making a much larger block can save you hundreds or even thousands in material costs. Have you ever priced out how much an aluminum plate costs or a large block of aluminum- it can cost three thousand dollars or more- Of course that is a perfect piece machined down to close tolerances. You see, I make my casting then machine it down myself. Please note that this CD-ROM doesn't cover any machining down techniques- only  metal melting and construction of the KILN. It allows me to build things outside my normal budget range- by far. My inventions and goals are easily accomplished and this foundry makes it possible.

Some words of caustion because this is not a toy and the temperatures reached are serious buiness.

1685 degrees Farenheit is dangerous and beer, kids, distractions, horseplay just spell disaster. Serious non-accident prone people only.


Not Hollywood Style:
The CD-ROM is not fancy. No narration or music track. Just normal sounds you hear. No explosions or special effects. Made in Illinois not Hollywood. The CD-ROM is low-budget compared to a hollywood studio. The camera work, editing, and equipment cost several thousand dollars to produce. It is not made by a hollywood studio. The whole CD and everything on the CD is scratch built and fully edited and contains about an hour of video footage. If you email me asking where is the narration- you know, I got the videos to play but I don't hear any announcer. There isn't any announcer. That's what I'm trying to tell you. There are videos with sounds. And you must read the article that is included on the CD also for a full understanding.

Of Special Interest To:
People who use molds or buy molds can learn some techniques that can be used to make Aluminum molds for Plastic Injection Molding, machinable blocks for CNC milling, EDM milling and Lathe use, making custom prototype parts, and plan to design their own molds or products. Why pay someone else big bucks for a prototype you can cast yourself?

Target Audience:
Do-it-yourselfers, machinists, mold users, plastic injection mold shops, edm shops, blow molder shops, sculptors, inventors, engineers, shops looking for ways to cut expenses and do more inhouse, backyard mechanics and welders etc. Trying to replace a broken or discontinued part? You may have to make it yourself.

Metal Melting Technique:
Non-technical demonstration style shows you every step of the way. The amount of metal shown being melted is about the volume of a masonry brick. This technique can be scaled up to produce about a gallon in volume of molten aluminum. This fits the needs of most people. Whether you want to cast your own hand tool, a normal size mold, make a custom part for a machine- the volume of a brick will adequately cover the needs of most people.

How Big is the Mini Metal Melting Foundry?
Full sized foundries are huge factories at least the size of a department store. My mini metal melting furnace is about the size of a BBQ grill and just as portable.

Designed for the Handy Metalworker:
This technique is good for small castings under 20lbs and is inexpensive to built and run. Durable design lasts many years. Trying to save money due to poor economy? Why pay for expensive prebuilt units costing over three times as much? Build your own. Also, why pay engineering and machining businesses when you can make it yourself? Save a bundle and be self-sufficient.

Not for sale to aerospace, military, engineering firms, manufacturing firms or other high tech companies (I don't want to deal with business people who have grandios ideas about a $100 machine and their multi-billion dollar dreams. Those companies can Keep Dreaming). Not for sale to companies period- only to individuals. Many hundreds of buyers have a backyard foundry and make cool stuff. I can care less about making precision parts that float in space or used for war or upcharging someone else thus making everything around us cost prohibitive. What my buyers care about is making their own stuff, making their invention into a real working object, and of course making parts and sculptures. Great for prototypes, one-of-a kind objects, and more. This foundry / kiln is reusuable and mine is eight years old and used regularly.

Only for sale to do-it-yourselfers who are handy and safety conscious. Not for sale to minors or pyro-maniacs. This is not a toy, and casting molten metal at 1400 degrees to 1685 degrees F is serious work. Responsible adults only.

Make something amazing,
Sincerely, Dr Virago Pete

(847) 454-7858

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