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Sony D-5 CD Player Repair Service

I am not affiliated with Sony in any way.

In 1988 I purchased my very own Sony D-5 from a local department store and it was open box at a greatly reduced price. It was missing a power adapter but had all other accessories. I went to my local big-electronics-parts-store and purchased a wall type power adapter and enjoyed my CD player for about 2 weeks and then it wouldnt read CDs anymore.

I could have returned it and got my money back but instead I wanted to keep it as I got a very good deal on it and the sound was incredibly clear and sharp and crisp. I found a USA Sony repair center and mailed it. They repaired it and even included at no extra charge a power adapter that I was missing (They were very generous and nice and I have been a loyal Sony customer for years). This CD player lasted me about 10 years before the same problem happened again - exactly like before.

Since that time I purchased a few more non-working CD-Players online and spent years trying to figure out which parts were blown. The micro miniature components were something new at that time and still today it is a marvel of miniaturization.

I have fixed over a hundred of these Sony D-5 CD Players and have plenty of troubleshooting experience with the following symptoms
1. LCD display works
2. Put in a CD and press play and attempts to read but then shuts off - no music played
3. Makes a ZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZZZ sound and then goes quiet as it shuts off

Yes there are blown parts inside that need to be changed.
No the laser didnt go bad.

This isnt a laser problem - even though it would apear to be.

I know what is wrong and which components to change.

My repair fee starts at $100 for a good condition CD player D-5 which has no other issues and is untinkered-with.

If you do not have the original power adapter - your CD player will have a short life.

Dont throw it out - I can fix it.

Why Fix It?
1) It sounds SOOO GOOD - clear crisp sounds razor sharp highs and deep bass and mid range is super clear. Ive tried other music players and NOTHING sounds as good as the D-5 coupled with Sony headphones. The very first and the very best ever.
2) $100 is not a lot of money in todays economy
3) Other music players (MP3, digital, DAT, CD players of other models brands) have a muffled sound and average the bits and antiskip dulls the sound, digitally compressed sounds sound "dithered"
4) The D-5 even plays burned discs of your own home recordings made on a pc and CD-R discs.
5) The D-5 is audiophile quality
6) The worlds first portable CD player - I have most of the accessories for my personal unit  battery caddy - takes 6ea C size batteries, power adapter with RCA left and right audio out to connect to stereo amplifier, carry strap, instructions etc. The best accessory is the slide-in power adapter - I run that 100% of the time.

Nothing lasts forever - even a well cared for machine using the original Sony Slide-in power adapter will eventually give the no-read symptoms. As far as I know I am the ONLY way to repair this issue.
Im am not affilliated with Sony. I have been repairing electronics for over 30+ years, and I am very familiar with repairing this device.

I will repair or replace parts at sellers discretion with new or used parts or swap unit or boards.

Some of the components inside this unit are as small as this dot


Did you see the dot?

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