Fuel Injector Rebuild CD-ROM

Automotive and Marine Fuel Injectors cost a fortune and that is for one! When one fuel injector quits functioning properly, that means your repair shop wants you to change all of them at the same time.

4 cylinder cars and boats have 4 injectors
6 cylinder cars and boats have 6 injectors
8 cylinder cars and boats have 8 injectors

Yes, there are cars than have more than 8 injectors and boats too. Autoparts stores, mechanics, dealerships and shops mark up the already high price for new injectors and often older vehicles are considered "too old to fix" and get junked rather than pay $600 to $1000+ for fuel injector replacement service.

My CD shows you how to fix and restore any Bosch type fuel injector and replace internal parts and restore full responsiveness.

99% of all fuel injectors just need VERY MINOR work to be as good as new. Total cost to fix each fuel injector 50cents each!

I show you how and no fancy equipment is required.

Applicable to many 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s cars and boats etc.

My CD does not cover throttle body style injectors. CD only covers top feed fuel injectors- see my photo for an example.

Got check engine light?
Got little or no acceleration power?
Got Bad fuel econom? Got rough idle?
Got poor performance?

Easy Fix and you'll save a fortune on the very first car or boat you fix.

Stop throwing out your injectors, It is a common problem and many shops have buckets full of "Bad" ones they're saving. No they're not "bad" anymore. Step-by-step easy video instructions show you what to do and wherre to get the replacement parts for 50 cents each.

Learn how to rebuild your own fuel injectors.


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