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SMD Electrolytic Capacitor Desoldering/Soldering Service

Lets face it, some truly wonderful electronic equipment is plagued by faulty failed parts. Somehow the mfg "didnt know" or didnt realize that years later- their model of equipment would just be absolutely FULL of bad capacitors.

Well didnt they know how to make capacitors? Well, yes and no- sometimes there were bad batches. Sometimes they were just learning to make their chemical formula for the internal flux. Sometimes the equipment is faulty and just blamed on the capacitors- when really and truly there are alot of hours on the machine.

For whatever reason - the capacitors need to be changed out. Whether it was a mfg defect or just plain used alot. You would like to get the equipment UP AND RUNNING.

It take alot of skill, a steady hand, and excellent equipment

Thats were I come in. 30+ years of electronics (and a whole lot more) experience in maintaining not only my own equipment - but in servicing equipment from buyers.

I use the following equipment
1. Stereo Microscope
2. Very fine tip micro soldering/desoldering equipment
3. Desolding braid
4. Test/troubleshoot/diagnostics equipment
5. Equipment and parts too numerous to list


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My pricing is approx $5 per SMD electrolytic aluminum capacitor, plus shipping, and has a minimum $100 fee per circuit board.

I reserve the right to charge more for oddball capacitors, supplier fees, etc Basically $100 min per board is just a rough estimate/figure and I can and will charge more - if someone sends me a "pandoras box"

Sometimes the capacitors are painstakingly adjacent and is VERY time consuming to re-do- I can and will charge more if the work is tedious and difficult.

Some circuit boards are easier/harder than others. My standard price is for the no hassle boards.

I know of no-one else who does what I do.

No I dont fix Cell Phones
No I dont fix Cell Phones
No I dont fix Cell Phones
No I dont fix Cell Phones

No I dont fix Cell Phones
No I dont fix Cell Phones


(847) 565-7858 between 11am and 7pm daily
Illinois USA

Dr Virago Pete

$10 quote/consultation fee
Clicking on the paypal BUY NOW button will take you to paypal.com After you have paid, send several high-resolution detailed photos of your circuit board(s) to my email address. I will provide a quote/estimate. The $10 is not refundable and is not applicable towards capacitor service. The $10 fee covers my time in email/phone communication. My time is not refundable.

I realize that $10 quote and $100 minimum per board will dissuade some buyers. The right buyer with important equipment will not be dissuaded - and for high end equipment is remarkably cost effective. Its not for everybody. The $10 fee keeps my phone from "ringing off the hook" with non-buyers. The $10 fee covers my time in actual communication with those truly interested and willing to pay for my time/expertise.

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