Dr Virago Pete's
Studio quality 100% Digital film transfer Service
(see sample file at the bottom of page)

The buyer to ship your film reel(s) in a well padded box. Files are put on buyer supplied media with content of the rolls of Super8 Regular8 film provided by the buyer in MP4 format. Every Reel of film will be comprised of one or more MP4 files. All reels of film will be returned to buyer along with the single Flashdrive or SD Card (buyer supplied media) This ad listing is for transfer of buyers film content to buyers media. The buyer can supply a flashdrive or SD card. (no used/unsealed media please)

Super8 and Regular8
Film Transfer to MP4 File Service for

Home Movie Reels

AS LOW AS $5 per 3" reel in large orders
I reserve the right to charge MORE for small to medium sized orders

Call to discuss your exact reel qty, sizes, condition, content
and get a quote.

It is wise to have a backup of your films for several reasons:
1 It is easier to watch home movies on a standard Media player
2 Your projector may not be available anymore but you still have films
3 Give copies to your loved ones
4 Deterioration, aging, discoloring
5 In case of theft or loss
6 Media players have features projectors didn't have

  • Every inch of what is on your film will be recorded.
  • MP4 File is playable on media players, PC/Mac, AndroidTV, Smart TV, Smart Phone etc.
  • No music track added. Silent movies remain silent.
  • Magic marker title on DVD face, no fancy disc face
  • All work done on Professional Film Scanner Frame-By-Frame machine
  • Flicker-free, evenly lit fames, clear and sharp, no hotspots, no dim edges
  • LED backlight is best for Bad Photography shots (polar bear in a snowstorm)
  • LED backlight is best for Bad Photography shots (forgot to film with sufficient light)
  • Color corrected as much as humanly possible
Some dust specks/hairs sneak into frame - no such thing as perfect sorry
I will do my best. Dont get mad at me if it is slightly imperfect. I suggest the buyer gently wipe the films before submitting them for transfer - wipe off dust with an eyeglass cloth and nothing else.

I suggest NOT running the films on an at-home vintage projector as the tooth/claw can chip away the sprocket holes. Let my scanning machines do a great job for you. Old film is brittle and my scanners are gentle.

If splices are deteriorated, my machine will stop, skip the bad splice, and continue with a brand new MP4 file. Your reel may be made into 1 file or multiple files - depending on condition.

The Film Leader is NOT recorded.

The tangled Knot at the last part of the roll is NOT recorded if in bad shape.

Dont get mad at me for totally black sections or totally white sections of film or out-of-focus. I will do my best with buyer supplied film. Amateur films almost always contains some photography errors - not all of this is correctable sorry.

Films submitted for scanning must be only nice smooth films please - without any roughness or mildew or waviness.


This listing is for SILENT

movies without any sound.


This listing is for film transfer of film to Customer Supplied Flashdrive or SD Card. 

Summary of Reel Size and Playback Duration
3" diameter 50ft reel = 3 minutes of film 
5" diameter 200ft reel = 12 minutes of film
7" diameter 400ft reel = 24 minutes of film

Got multiple reel sizes and lots of reels?
Let me know what I can do for you

Only home-made films.
No hollywood studio type films or reels.
No XXX movies.
Copyrights last a LONG time, and I do not transfer any copyrighted films.
I do not add music
I honor copyrights and patents and hold several of my own.

Some of the many films I've transfered
Most film transfers are family-type films showing a Birthday or Holiday get-together with people goofing around being themselves on film. Some films show highschool football. Some films show machinery and real estate. Some films show vacations. Some films show golfers and boaters. Some films show test footage where the person was trying out the camera and learning the best lighting angles. Some films are actually large reels spliced together from many smaller reels. Some have a magnetic brown stripe which carries the sound as recorded by the camera. Some films are silent and had no sound back then.
(This listing is not for sound films)

Absolutely The Best in the Business for Super8 and Regular8 Frame-by-Frame Transfers
  • High resolution, clear picture
  • A really good deal
  • Using professional Scanning equipment which is gentle on your film.
  • Faded films are no problem
I transfer every inch of your film. You'll appreciate having it all- nothing added or removed.

This listing is for the transfer of good condition film only - please do not send poor condition films.

Look at your films one by one - take each reel out of its' box and inspect it. If you see white chaulky mildew and mold growth - no thanks.

I cannot accept media which is not sealed in its factory package. Buyer must provide SD card or Flashdrive which is sealed in its factory original package - this avoids risk of virus.

I do not accept portable hard disk drives - buyer to supply SD Card or Flashdrive ONLY.

Required Storage Space Approx (can vary depending on content)
1GB per 7" reel
500MB per 5" Reel
150MB per 3" Reel

Files are 30 frames per second and will play slightly faster than a projector. It is up to the buyer to leave frames per second alone or modify it.

Files play at 30 frames per second BECAUSE there is no duplication of frames. In otherwords, no pull-down is added. This is a TRUE frame-by-frame scanning and there are no duplication of frames.

Buyer can load the standard MP4 into your own software and modify framerate/pulldown if desired - seller gives you the straight output off my machines without any modification.

Dont get mad at me if turnaround is slow. Frame by frame scanning is slow- AND WELL WORTH THE WAIT.

My standalone machines ONLY provide a complete MP4 file. I cannot supply invidual image files- it doesnt work that way. I can ONLY provide complete MP4 file. Dont get mad at me for not being able to provide individual frame images. No PC/MAC used in the creation of your files.

Please BACKUP your files after you received them.

Seller is not responsible for buyer deleted/modified files.

An example of Remarkable Before and After Results

Before Color Correction:
Film is off color and mostly Red
Film is Off Color and mostly Blue or Green

After Color Correction:
MP4 contains color corrected video and is now in COLOR again!
Your film itself is never modified. The color correction is done through remarkable color correction boxes with knobs and dials which enhance certain color levels like enhancing the green, blue, red in the picture to make it more visible. Very similar to the adjustments on your color TV set (Hue,
Tint, and more & much more advanced!)

Sometimes a film is SO COLOR deficient that I cant bring the colors back - but I will do my best to make it as GOOD as I CAN DO.

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All film transfer orders are shipped via US Post Office and have shipping insurance and tracking number. I have never had any shipping damage on a film order due to careful packaging. Local buyer may pickup/drop off film.

Doing a good job matters to me. Attention to detail is what I do.
Got a question? I'm willing to answer.

Dr Virago Pete

(847) 454-7858 between 11am and 7pm daily
Illinois, USA

Questions?  Send Email or Phone

This listing is NOT for rush orders. Rush shipping is not included.
Turnaround time is 30 - 45 business days estimated (larger orders can take longer sorry) after I receive your package.

This listing is for the budget-minded person who is not in a hurry.

I do high quality work. Your kindness and patience is appreciated.

US Post Office Trucks have a top speed of 5mph

I create MP4 scanner files on Buyer Supplied Brand New Sealed Media

Resolution is 720P which is HD and measures 960pixels across and 720Pixels Vertically

Home movies are 4:3 "Square" Format and are not "Widescreen" Rectangle - dont get mad at me for not recording widescreen - home movies are not widescreen as originally recorded.


All questions answered personally and promptly