This listing is for one CD-ROM disc "Dr Virago Pete's DIY Alternator Rebuild". No parts are included. CD-ROM disc contains videos showing you step by step what I did to fix my own Ford 2G Alternator.

Why pay $300+ for a shop to replace your Alternator?
Fix it for under $50.

Car doesn't charge battery
Car runs and starts but dies down the road
Frequent battery charger hookups - doesn't help.
Gauges show low battery power - dummy light "battery" is on.
Car leaves you stranded.
Dead battery.

I solved this problem myself on my own Ford Thunderbird. And the problem was very minor. The engine runs very strong and starts right up always. My car has had its share of minor problems but nothing major. It's been very reliable and dependable- rarely any problem with it.

I knew right away the alternator went bad when it left me stranded on a trip 30 miles away to a funeral. I got a jump start and it seemed fine for a month afterwards. No I didn't leave the lights on. I was sure about that. I just figured it was just a freak occurance. My car was acting funny afterwards with flickering dashboard lights. Radio that came on /off at freak times and didn't work at other times. I figured maybe it had somekind of short which was hard to track down.

The problem got progressively worse over 4 months but the car always started and ran fine. Until one day it just kept getting weaker and weaker and the headlights lights dimmed and dimmed and dimmed. It died about two block from home. I new the battery was dead and was running on stored battery charge for the power to the spark plugs in that last mile. I ended up taking the battery out and taking it home- charging up the battery and walking back to where it died. Reinstalling charged battery in car made the car come to life again and it made the two backs back home no problem.

The next day I let it run in the driveway and it slowly died on its own again. I ordered the alternator rebuild parts from online auction site one-at-a-time, brushes, regulator, and rectifier. As always, I made a video documentation of all of my meter checks and which parts I changed out and how I removed the serpentine belt. My methods are using ordinary parts and things you find in your garage. I'm not fancy and my CD isn't fancy.

For the DIY Do-it-yourselfer trying to save $300 over being gouged by shops who will charge you triple (charge you for installing and removing the serpentine belt, forcing you to buy a new one when the old one is fine, cost of super-marked up alternator, and then the shop's labor rate of $100 per hour and then not actual hours but "Book" hours showing how long a typical mechanic takes to replace it.) Sheesh - do it yourself and save a bundle.

When you have an older car in need of repairs- it can be expensive if you pay someone else to do it for you. Gotta fix it yourself - much cheaper that way. Bad economy - at risk of losing your job? Already lost your job? Fix it yourself. I can think of alot better things to spend $300 bucks on - or better yet - save it.

If you take your vehicle to the repair center - you are spending money that should be in your pocket.

I found that my brushes were worn down to little nubs. So I replaced that first because I could tell it wasn't making contact. I figured that is why I was getting an intermittant electrical problems resembling a short. Then I changed the rectifier and the regulator. I made some interesting discoveries along the way and used my electrical knowledge to figure it out.

I used a spot welder to re-do the connections and simple tools like a utility knife and soldering iron to make extra good connections. My bearings were fine and I didn't change them out. So replacing bearings is not shown in the videos as my alternator had a functional issue- didn't charge the battery. Noisey bearings are not covered. My CD doesn't cover the bearings sorry. Just letting you know the facts as I'm being honest and straight forward about what this will or won't do for you.

This CD-ROM is intended to play on any reasonably current PC and requires installation.

This CD-ROM is intended to play on any reasonably current PC and requires installation.

This CD-ROM is intended to play on any reasonably current PC and requires installation.

Rather than getting mad at me for using special tools like a spot welder and impact wrench - be inspired to obtain these tools for yourself. Some people make a business out of rebuilding alternators. It is alot of work but once you do your first one- the next one is about 90% the same- even for other makes and models.

Some people order my CD-ROM and also buy a total rebuild parts kit (I don't sell alternator parts) and use my videos to get an idea of what needs to be replaced and where and how. I learned a long time ago - huge amps that a car battery puts out is way too powerful for just ordinary solder joints - would instantly disintegrate. My technique of spot welding and then applying a small thin layer of solder - is extra good rather than just solder which would get blown away.

My technique of keeping the alternators built-in fan from spinning while you impact wrench off the nut. That is my own design too. Simple and effective methods.

The way I take off a serpentine belt - it is my own design also. I wish I could tell you which tool I use here but then I'd be giving away the store -  so to speak. No you don't need too many fancy tools and you may not even need a spot welder if your internal connections are good. Mine were rusty and melted and severely rusted - so I had to restore them to be as good as new. I show you how I did it.

What I'm trying to tell you is the home-made-ness of my CD-ROM which contains tv-quality videos. It is shot with a high quality camcorder but is home-made. The videos are edited on my professional studio video equipment.

The videos have full sound- you can hear the tools working and the sounds of nature and my cat in the background. To fully understand you will need to read the included article and see the receipts where I bought my parts. I explain everything I do in the text file article.

This CD is made for the first-timer who is handy and will appreciate layman/non-professional method of getting the job done. This is made by a do-it-yourselfer and made with the do-it-yourselfer buyer in mind.

If this is you - don't buy this CD
If you are a mechanic with 30 years experience - repeat after me, "I didn't learn nuthin" that cd was a waste of money.

See some people have fancy cars and big paychecks and this CD isn't for them at all. This is for the working stiff (you and me both) who is just getting by and needs to fix the car to go from point A to point B.


If you are fancy and afraid to get your nails dirty or expect to have the car fix itself just by buying this cd - then this is not for you. You gotta get in there and get your hands dirty and forget about your fancy ideas. This is about down and dirty fixing it yourself down to the component level. 99% of all repair shop do not fix the alternator themselves. They sell the customer a new or rebuilt unit; and take the old one- and send it in to the mfg to have the mfg rebuild for them. That's fine and dandy the $300 bill is more than most cars are worth and they make that every hour. Some prices are out of control and knowing how to do it yourself is the key.

I show you what you need to do for $50 or less. Your alternator may not have the extent of repairs needed as shown. What I do not show is replacing the bearings - mine were good enough to use. If it ain't broke don't fix it. I only replaced what it needed and in my case It needed alot ($50 in parts) which I show it all.

Some people are hecklers and find fault in what other people are doing and have money coming out of their ears. Then this is not for you. This is for the poor guy/gal trying to get by with $50 and fix their car to save money. The whole car may be worth a few hundred in resale value but the idea is to use it for transportation. It ain't a beauty pagent. It ain't about anything but getting it to work on your own without having much in the way of fancy tools or equipment.

The local autoparts store wanted to charge me $60 just for the carbon brushes. Sheesh. I show you where I got mine for a few dollars. Came with plastic holders and springs, and I show how to change your brushes without even removing the alternator from the car.

Lots of tips and techniques and more. All of which are homebrew and get your hands filthy.

I tried my best to tell you about the home-madeness of the CD and videos. The picture quality is excellent and bright and clear. It is not hollywood style. Made in Illinois in my driveway and shot with a camcorder.

Many happy pleased buyers of my CD-ROMs save hundreds of dollars and learned a new skill which will enable them to never be stranded again.

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I am not affiliated with Ford in any way. I have owned several Ford cars and all were dependable. Everybody sooner or later will have a bad alternator. Fixing it yourself will save you many bucks. These are my own procedures, and I invented this step by step sequence procedure.

Not everyone is capable of removing a serpentine belt on their own. If you are a complete klutz or careless or ... you can get seriously hurt. This is for the handy man/woman who is new to alternators but is otherwise a handy do-it-yourselfer.

What you Get
1. A CD Disc which contains my videos which show how I fixed my alternator
2. Technical support from me if you need it- by email

Please be patient as the CD will be mailed by US Post Office - which is not fast. Patience is required.

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