Charger Dead? Dead Battery?
Can't Charge your Battery?

Dr Virago Pete's Charger Repair CD-ROM $12.99 plus shipping
  • Specifically made for Schumacher Charger Automatic Battery Charger Engine Starter Model SE-2151MA  SportsPower 15/2/100 AMP
  • Step By Step Videos
  • Which parts are blown
  • How to solder parts?
  • Where do you buy the replacement parts?
  • Wiring Diagram Illustrations
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • CD-ROM disc plays videos just like a TV on your PC

The photos are actual screenshots of my copyrighted videos. The CD-ROM content is not fancy and neither am I. You must read the article on the CD and view the videos. It is a low-budget video production (spent a few thousand dollars on the video equipment, editing equipment and time in making this educational video) It isn't  big-budget Hollywood style. No explosions, stuntmen, or destruction. It is made in Illinois not Hollywood. The sole purpose of this CD is to help you fix your charger to new or better than new condition.

I am the sole owner and producer of this product. I took the time to copyright it and paid my fees to the US government to file my copyright. No bootlegging allowed. No resale copying or transmitting of the contents is allowed.

Which model does this CD cover?
ONLY ONE model. Don't get mad at me if you have a different brand or model and you didn't learn anything. I only cover ONE model. That's it. SE-2151MA is my 2/10/100 Sports Power charger which I repaired better than new. Beefier electronics and all functions work- better than ever. My charger is 110V -120V (USA standard household electric power) I do not show any 220v chargers on the video.

If you are not sure if your model is covered- ask before you click buy-it-now.

Switches, Gauge, Lights, Modes and Settings ALL ARE TRUE and ACCURATE
1) Regular Automatic / Deep Cycle Automatic
2) 15 Amp 6V Manual / 2 Amp 12V Automatic / 15 Amp 12V Automatic / 100 AMP 12V Engine Start
3) Gauge Lights: Green Full Charge / Red Check Battery
4) Gauge Analog Needle: 0 Amps to 100 Amps

I'm a pro at electronics with 30years experience, and you should know 100% that the accuracy of this upgrade is dead-on true. It is a fine machine that I trust with any battery size or type new or used. Even old decrepit batteries are sensed and rejected as being XXXX and need to be replaced. The charger does its' job VERY well now. It isn't dumbXXX proof and only requires to be connected properly.

What is being offered for sale?
You get ONLY 1ea CD disk (burned CD-R disk in CD envelope with printed face of disc, double packed in protective cardboard package, sent via US Post Office playable on any reasonably current PC. Installation is required for videos to play.). No parts are included. I show you step-by-step how to repair and where to get parts. Nothing else is included. I go out of my way to help buyers once a purchase is made.

In these tough economic times, don't throw out your Schumacher battery charger- did you short out the alligator clips? Did you hook up the alligator clips backwards? Did smoke come out? See sparks? Seems to work (lights and gauge work) but doesn't give any power output? I show you how to repair it. No it isn't junk or trash. Plan on spending $25 to repair it- better than new. Why better? Works better after repair than original- I show you which parts I substituted with heavy duty replacement parts. Better than new results. Spend $25 to fix your 15/2/100 SportsPower.

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You'll love your super accurate, upgraded, (formerly blown) charger.

Dr Virago Pete
Telephone (847) 454-7858


$12.99 plus shipping

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