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Dr Virago Pete's Inventory of Electronic Components is always changing and being updated.

Specialty Items
Project Box
Circuit Board
Wall Type AC Power Adapter
IC Chip
Voltage Regulator
Heat Shrink Tubing
Rubber Feet
Terminal & Connector
Heat Sink

Many of the above are from my own personal collection of electronics components as I keep an inventory of parts when I build something from scratch. As electronics stores close or downsize- you may find that my parts inventory is the only source for some of these items.

I sometimes take interesting items from old equipment which I call "scavenging." Some parts are new and some parts are used. I have extensive equipment to test transitors, diodes, and more and all parts listed are known to be in good working condition.

I also have extensive cross-referencing books and catalogs in which I can look up a compatible item. My ability to cross reference parts has enabled me to fix items that were otherwise unfixable due to origibal components being discontinued. By looking up the "value" of the part (this means the specifications of the part) I can often find a different one that works the same but with a different part number.

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As I inventory what I have - thousands of parts- I will list them in the following download area.

In order for me to find what you are looking for - I will name each one of my Shelves, Parts Bins, Drawers, and other locations next to the part description. Make sure to reference the location in your order or question.

Also custom items are available - I have a laser engraver and can make plates, covers, gaskets, project box nameplates etc. I have a full machine shop Lathe, sheetmetal bending and forming, CNC, and more. In addition to the electronic components - I do fabricate and machine custom items too.

Ok here is the Download list of Electronic Components available for sale from my inventory

(Don't get upset if there is not much there yet as I have just started this section of my website)

I also have many IC chips and Eprom chips and transistors which I have yet to document and list
Resistors - Dr Virago Pete.txt Resistors - Dr Virago Pete.txt
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Capacitors - Dr Virago Pete.txt Capacitors - Dr Virago Pete.txt
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