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How to Check Your Computers Specifications

Im making this webpage as a public service. A family member of mine had a computer tey didnt need and was trying to figure out what to do with it. They decided to make a big-auction-site listing and I advised them to list the details.

1. Computer Brand and model

2. Version of Windows operating system

3. Hard drive Capacity

4. How much memory installed

5. What type of drives are installed

6. Whether the battery works and for how long it will power it on - until it quits

7. Whether there are any bad pixels or defects on the screen

8. Any noises or odd things like a loose power connector

9. lost of photos all the way around

10. AN honest description of what works and what doesnt work

Feedback is often BRUTAL and you want to be open and honest about the condition. Otherwise the person receiving it will be MAD and you dont want that.

Well, you know what - the family member didnt know ANYTHING about the computer and here is the list of photos of screenshots on how to find out these speciffications.

Here it is- I hope this helps someone.

You know these are tough times and people are scavenging their basements and closets and garages for things to sell.

This family member was thinking about taking a laptop to the local ______ shop, but I advised them to instead list it on big-auction-site (choose one there are many) and look up the model number and find out the going price. If yours is in better or worse shape then adjust your price accordingly.

Maybe the local ______ shop would only give you $5 for it, but online maybe you can sell it for somewhere between $80 and $150 as a guestimate? Who knows.

The last thing you want is bad feedback from a disgruntled buyer- so be honest. I the password screen is up because you forgot the password- then that laptop is still worth something to the right buyer.

Lets face it, sometimes there are experts and thy know how to get in password or not. Maybe someone just needs parts to fix up their laptop that fell off the desk. Selling it to a _____ shop for a little cash maybe worth it to one person but not to the next one.

Sometimes people are low on cash and need to come up with funds to pay bills, and they actually had something worthwhile to sell and the wrong buyer gave them a measely $5 and it didnt solve their issues.

My point is I hope this pictorial helps someone out there know the specifications of their computer. They can then make an intelligent ad on big-auction-site which lists the brand and model and features and scratches and dents and things wrong with it. SO that the buyer KNOWS what they are bidding on. That way you reduce the risk of someone getting mad because they felt cheated or wronged in some way.

Everyone wants to be treated fairly. I suggest lots of pictures and a long lengthy description of everything you saw and tested and how much time the batteryt lasted etc.

Ads where the person says "untested" or "I dont know" are not helpful. There are things that even a password protected laptop can be described.

For example - do you see any dead pixels? Cracks in the plastic? How long did the battery take to charge and when you left it on - how long did the screen light up before it finally conked out due the battery dying?

Any missing keys?

You know stuff like that.

If there is any information missing - well then you might get questions for things that you forgot. For example, a person might ask Are the USB ports version 1,2,3

And you might not know the answer- Well I dont know because the password screen it up and I cant get in. You might ask the person a question back - how do I check?

And you might get lucky and they tell you how to get past the password screen. Who knows? It might be your lucky day. Being honest is the best way of handling things.

It doesnt mean you have to sell it for $5 either if something is not perfect. A small reduction or a medium size price reduction may be applicable depending on the condition.

I personally have never gotten ANY bargains. You would be surprised that people selling OLD JUNK want big bucks for their junk with issues.

Maybe someone has been looking for a replacement LCD screen or keyboard or drives etc and your password protected old laptop is JUST WHAT THEY NEED for parts.

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