Dr Virago Pete's

EZ-Grid Platform
for Roland PIX-3 Picza 3D Scanner &
for Roland MDX-3 Modela 3D Plotter

I'm not selling a scanner / mill  here. I'm selling an accessory for your scanner / mill.

Roland truly makes easy to use and professional machines. I'm sure you know that and love your machine too.

I made the "EZ-Grid Platform as an accessory to be able to use the same platform/tray between my two machines
1. MDX-3 Modela 3D Plotter (mini CNC mill)
2. PIX-3 Picza 3D Scanner

I'm not affiliated with Roland in any way. I'm a proud owner and user of their machines and software. I created this accessory on my laser engraver and loved it so much and found it so useful - I decided to offer one for sale to you.

1. Interchageable between machines - enables fixtures or other devices to be mounted to the EZ-Grid Platform to switch between scanning and milling machines.
2. Grid allows quick centering and placement of your part and measuring.
3. Hole and slot design ensures quick but accurate placement
4. Repeatable results due to precision made platform.
5. Non-slip plastic
6. Matte finish
7. Double-sided (grid on one side and black smooth on backside) - see photos
8. Buy one for several uses of your machine - makes fixturing easy and quick
9. Pro quality
10. Your machine looks better now too!

I am not selling a machine. I am selling a hard plastic sheet "Dr Virago Pete's EZ-Grid Platform" which fits over your machine to improve its functionality. No machine included. It is pictured on both the scanner and the milling machine- as you can see it is interchangeable between them and fits perfectly.

You can drill it, glue fixtures onto it, tape it, write on it, and more. It makes designing custom-made parts much easier. The idea is to buy several and then you can swap platforms to do different jobs.

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Dr Virago Pete

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