Dr Virago Pete's
Add-Ons and Accessories for
Eumig Nautica Underwater Camera

The Eumig Nautica dates to the 1970s to
my best estimate and is a waterproof underwater camera which shoots Super8 Film Cartridges. Im not affiliated with the Mfg in any way and this page features my own inventions and accessories which I have made for my very own camera purchased used.

Unfortunately, my camera was missing some of the included accessories like the bright orange screw-in viewfinder.

I have made some accessories myself in my professional workshop and using high-end equipment. Im proud of the nicely fitting accessories I have made and some of which have paypal buttons you can click on to purchase.

Whether you are a collector, an ocean scientist, backyard pool enthusiast, or lake/pond engineer etc etc The Eumig Nautica has several excellent features
1. Super8 nastalgia
2. Underwater/splash resistant
3. Ability to mount custom-made accessories
4. Frame-by-Frame Film Recording


"The Basic Mount"

This is a 3d Printed accessory which I made from ABS plastic attaches to the top of the camera where the standard orange viewfinder would go (My camera was purchased used and didnt have this) I needed a way to attach things to the camera and this screw mount forms the basis for many things you can dream up. For example, a laser pointer, flashlight, compass, electronic gear, measuring devices, microphone, compass, etc can be mounted on-top of my plastic accessory which makes this possible. 

It has a flat area which allows the user to screw-through, drill, or glue other accessories and inventions. This accessory gives you a flat surface which you can use to mount anything you can create - this is the basis/platform/foundation upon which other add-ons are built. You can purchase this piece separately.


"The Improved Viewfinder System"

These are 3d Printed accessories which are made from ABS plastic and attaches to the top of the camera in conjunction with
1. The Basic Mount
2. The Reversible Viewfinder Support Arm
3. The Alignment "Ball-Tip-Cone"
4. The "Window-Like" Cross Hairs

These four parts can be assembled and reassembled which enables space-savings and cleaning benefits. The abiliy to Assemble/Reassemble has many advantages.


"35mm Film Can Attachment"

This is an accessory which clamps in place an empty or full 35mm plastic watertight film can (you can put whatever you need to inside of the empty 35mm film can including provisions and test equipment of your DIY designs). The clamp provides a neat clean way to mount the can forward or backwards depending on whether you need the snap-lid to face forward or backward.

This 35mm film can is considered waterproof and can house sensors or equipment of your own design.

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