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Corona Wire for Photocopiers

For use with the following copy machines



and more

This is a single length of wire pre-made and ready for

installation. Mini-spring is not included - re-use your existing


Key Features

1. Very strong wire

2. .006" thickness

3. Gold plated

4. Original Canon wire

5. Pre-made with correct length and correct loops at each end

How do I know my copy machine needs a new corona wire?

You will need to look and see whether you have a good condition corona wire. If it is broken or missing - you will need to replace it. If you see the corona wire, and it is corroded or has crud buildup - you can choose to replace it or clean. (Clean with ispropyl alcohol on a "ear-cleaner-cotton-swab" - Make sure your copier is off and unplugged first! Run the cotton swab along the length of corona wire gently so it wont break. Old corona wire may be more fragile than fresh new corona wire. Care in cleaning will help your existing corona wire last longer. Let dry thoroughly before use - liquids and electricity dont mix - use care and make sure you dont spill any liquid in your copier.)

What are the Symptoms?

On the NP-2020 and NP-2120 copiers - the copy machine will operate as normally and give no error message. It will happily run and pretend to make copies. Page after page will be white blank and contain no tonor at all. See the corona wire prepares the drum to accept an image. If your corona wire is broken - your copy machine will pass paper through without depositing any tonor.

A corona wire with crud buildup - may make copies at some portions of the image but will leave streaks of no-image. Check your corn wire to see if it is clean. if there is crud on the wire - try to clean it. If uncleanable or brken wire - replace it.

Check and see if your corona wire is broken or missing. If your corona wire is missing - remove the broken strand - so the strand of wire will not tangle itself inside your copier.

When removing the old corona wire - be sure to save the mini spring. Make sure you do not leave behind small pieces inside your copier - that little spring can do horrible things to your photocopier if dropped in the wrong place. Use care and good judgement.

Price for 1ea corona wire strand is $19.99

and includes free shipping to anywhere in the mainland USA.

International shipping is additional cost.

Why does a microscopic strand of wire cost $19.99 Is it gold plated - or something?

Yes, In fact it is gold plated - the strand of metal wire is super tough and hardened and durable that attempting to cut this strand of wire with a pair of scissors is nearly futile and will actually nick your scissors. This strand of wire is about as thick as a human hair - and very hard to cut when brand new!!!! This pre-made strand of wire is made from an original factory made spool of real Canon corona wire. It is an exact replacement for your broken or missing corona wire. I premake this strand of wire - so you can have an easy time with installation. ALl you have to do is attach your old mini-spring into the loop end and then install in your copier.

I am not affiliated with Canon in any way. I own a NP-2120 copier which has been a hard working good machine. I am familiar with maintaining my own equipment and industrial technical repairs. My familiarity with these copiers helps me to provide excellent support.

This pre-made length of wire is made from bulk original Canon mfg wire .006 diameter and is gold plated for durability, corosion resistance and electrical benefits.

You'll love your copier once it makes copies again!

Does your copier pretend to make copies - but all you get is

blank pages? Check your corona wire to see if it is broken.

Need a length of Corona wire for a different copier model - measure your old one and then contact me - I can sell you any length of wire - price depends on length.

Excellent quality and yes it is actually and truly gold plated.

Slow shipping is free

Fast shipping is additional cost.

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