This listing is for 1ea  Dr Virago Pete PowerClip8 & SuperShim Kit enhanced with the addition of my latest CD.

Fixes Clattering Clunking Difficult to Start Issues
Virago Starter Repair Kit Best Clip Shim Fix #2 Idler

Got Clatter Noise &
Poor Engagement?

Fix it once and fix it right.

Get Dr Virago Pete's

PowerClip8 & SuperShim Kit


This listing contains the following items Brand New:

1. Dr Virago Pete genuine PowerClip8 replaces your large worn horseshoe clip and has fully adjustable tensioner. Horseshoe is made of heat treated solid steel. Tensioner is made of solid stainless steel. Solid and dependable.  (See photo)

2. Triple Shim Rings - 3ea Genuine Dr Virago Pete Brand SuperShim (See bulletin listed as "Washer" or "Shim") Accept no immitations. Non-slip design. Made of Galvanized solid steel. Solid and dependable. Self centering. 3 shim design works due to better materials and self centering design. Replace your gouged, rusty and scratched originals. (see photo)

3. 3ea Virago Repair CD-ROM discs Helps first timers do it the right way. Even experienced mechanics can benefit from these disc full of videos and insights about the XV series. Helps you disassemble and install PowerClip8 properly and more. Many insights and step-by-step videos show you how to fix common issues.  (not pictured)

Work today and ride tommorrow. You will be amazed at the great starts due to the Proven Best. PowerClip8 You will be amazed at the extra starter power you will have.

98% satisfaction on Every Virago Part, kit, and remanufacture ever. Excellent quality you can depend on.

This kit is a perfect fit for the following bikes:
1981-1983 XV750 Virago
1981 XV750 SE Special (XV750SE)
1983 XV750 Midnight Virago
1981-1983 XV920 Virago
1983 XV920 Midnight Virago
1981-1982 XV920R Virago (applicable to RJ also)
1981-1983 TR1 XV920
1981-1983 TR1 XV1000
1984-1985 XV700
1981-1985 XV1000 & XV1100 (applicable to models with round profile PYA "horseshoe" clip. Square profile PYA clips need my Flywheel remanufacture- not included here see my other listing for more details)

Applicable to some Pre-Viragos 1981 and earlier V-Twins. If you have questions just email me. Questions regarding applicability of unlisted models are no trouble at all- just ask.

Questions? Contact me with an email message. Questions? send email. All questions answered personally and promptly.

Read the bulletins, look at the diagrams. Follow all of the directions for best results. Fix it right or have it fixed for you- either way include my parts kit- you'll always be glad you did.

Some of the many satisfied buyers comments received:
Good product good communication
Pete, your Powerclip 8 / shim kit worked great.
Very, very nice item. Quick shipping and a great seller. Thank you.
My bike was a low mileage bike. this kit fixed it and the instrution c.d.
PowerClip8 & 3Shim & 2CD Kit Fast shipping - Product as advertised
PowerClip8 Kit works Great. Excellent Quality, Fast Shipping, Excellent Email
Perfect personal service. Professional
Extremely fast shipping and the PowerClip8 Kit was the fix I needed, Thanks
Great quick shipped. PowerClip8 is the best.
item arrived promptly and in good condition. Thanks.
Kit fixed my starter, That power clip8 Works. Thanks for all the help.
Thanks the video really is great and the shim kit worked perfectly

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Thousands of pleased buyers

and restored bikes.

Enjoy riding your bike,

Dr Virago Pete

All emails answered personally and promptly.

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I answer all questions personally and promptly


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If your bike has Over 13,000 miles then you should click on my Fly_&_Idler_Restore (see upper right hand corner of this page and click on it) page as your teeth are severely worn and most bikes with 13k-17k miles on it can't start on their own anymore. Even worse- some bikes have had gimmicks installed and have chewed up teeth. My kit is for natural wear only. If you have teeth in worn-out condition- you need my teeth restore service.


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I check my emails several times everyday and give prompt answers.


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