Dr Virago Pete's
Vacuum Cleaner Attachment

This is my invention and I have a plastic making machine called a "3d Printer" in which I create these parts. 100% created invented and produced in the USA. Made in the good Old USA.

I should start off by saying that Im not affiliated with any vacuum cleaner company. Im not affiliated with BIC pens or any pen company.

You will need

1, 2, or 3 ea BIC pens or similar pens. Who doesnt have some in their desk drawer? Almost everyone world-wide has a disposable pen. Almost every store has pens for sale.

You see the pens are carefully disassembled as we dont need the ink part of the pen. Only the pen case is needed.

You can even use a non-working non-writing pen
that would otherwise end up in the landfill. All we need is the plastic tube. And if you choose to keep the plastic pen housing tip that is up to you. It all depends on what you intend to vacuum or clean.

Everything shown in the pics that is Gray color
Dr Virago Pete provides all the Grey / Gray color plastic parts. The buyer supplies the pen(s).

The Buyer/reader can provide

1ea pen and this will give you a long thin vacuum attachment 5 inches long approx
2ea pen and this will give you a long thin vacuum attachment 10 inches long approx
3ea pen and this will give you a long thin vacuum attachment 15 inches long approx
4ea pen and this will give you a long thin vacuum attachment 20 inches long approx

(lets face it - not all pens are the same length - hence the words approximate)

See you can stack pens as long as you need ...

What is the purpose?

1. Suppose you are cleaning an inaccessible area - behind refrigerator, in between window panes, crevices where something has fallen down in there.
2. Pesky insects are often easier to catch by using a long thin tube rather than a big bulky standard hose
3. Using 2 parts of a pen allow you to use the vacuum cleaner to micro vacuum very delicate areas - as easy as holding a pen in your hand - while vacuuming.
4. Housework (dead bugs and spiders and spider webs are everywhere including behind applicances and gets in-between panes of glass.
5. Jewelry work in collecting bits of metal shavings (microscreen lets through fine dust)
6. Soldering work collecting bits of solder
(microscreen lets through fine dust)
7. Retrieving small parts that have fallen down
8. More
9. Stackable design lets you add as many pen sections as needed for the application (Standard includes 2ea Joiners which allows up to 3ea pen sections)

I want to collect what is sucked up

OK I got you covered! No Problem. Included is 1ea microscreen and 1ea plastic round disc. This acts similar to a collection cannister on a full size vacuum cleaner. The microscreen will let through dust and very fine powders- but it will filter out the bugs, metal pieces, etc of a certain size on up.

The microscreen may not be good in certain application such as Jewelry application such as extremely gold dust which may get past the microscreen. The Jeweler may decide/devise to put another filter in addition to the microscreen (no guaranty sorry)
I dont have any Gold and most people will not be sucking up gold dust.

I Dont want to collect what is sucked up

OK I got you covered! No Problem. Just dont install the 1ea microscreen and 1ea round disc. Just leave those out. Then whatever you suck up will go through the hose and into your vacuum cleaner for collection in there.

Why did I create this item?

As an electronic technician, I repair old TV station VCRs which can be quite large and bulky. There is always dust dust dust everywhere dust on the inside of these old VCRs. And the dust is in inaccessible crevices where I needed a very long tube to reach. After I created this device I found many uses mentioned above. The longer I own this device the more uses I figure out for it.

I found that pesky gnats and flies which sometimes sneak into the house are very hard to catch or swat. I discovered that a small white plastic tube can often be used to suck up unsuspecting bugs. Some flies are smarter than others and not every fly or gnat is going to let you suck it up. But a good portion DO let you suck them up.

It makes my life SO MUCH better having one more tool that is very useful.

What do I get?
1ea Vacuum Hose to Pen Adapter
2ea Pen Joiners

Nothing else is included sorry. Buyer supplies the Pen tubes.

Please keep out of reach of children and pets as it is a swallowing danger. The buyer may want to glue the pieces togther in certain applications or situations although gluing is not always required as parts fit together snuggly and precisely.

Many but not all pens have the same diameter. You may have some pen tubes that fit better than others.

Now you can precision vacuum as easily and convenient as writing with a pen

Made of durable hard ABS plastic the very same material as most consumer items are made of.


$19.99 plus shipping

Cost of shipping/handling
USA $6.50
Canada $12.50
All Other Countries $18.99

Will be sent to you in a double cardboard package. Within the cardboard- the items will be protected by bubblewrap and or foam.

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