Dr Virago Pete's
Kodak Moviedeck 285 Repair CDROM

I am not affiliated with Kodak in any way - except I own 2 variable speed projectors and other high end Kodak equipment which I love to use and are for the most part very robust and reliable.

Unfortunately - 30 + year old equipment can breakdown and fixing it takes skill and effort - to get back up and running again. Sellers of used equipment sometimes want alot of money for it and often has hidden problems lurking inside. Buyer Beware.

Some of the things contained in this CDROM
1. How I disassembled the machine
2. How I repaired a split tapered white plastic gear
   A. Joined the pieces back together
   B. Reinforced the joint with steel commonly found item
   C. Added splines to a shaft to remove slippage
3. Demo of how I properly use the machine
4. Cleaning out dust and debris
5. Phantom hairs and real hairs
6. Description of the mecanical variable speed transmission - similar to a snowmobile transmission - no it isnt electrically variable speed - the variable speed is purely mechanical. Quite a remarkable achievement of technical skill - in a projector so small.

Some portions of this CDROM contain videos and some portions contain photographs and text files. No it isnt a fancy CDROM and it isnt Hollywood style. There is a BASIC ness to my CDROM where you need to load the photos one by one in your picture viewer and load the video files inside your Computer's Operating system's video player.

What Im trying to say is that - this is not a DVD - it is a CDROM and you'll need a reasonably current PC or other brand of computer to load the files and view. I used reasonably modern digital cameras and reasonably modern video equipment to produce pictures and video so you an study and learn. The videos and pictures are in standard definition TV quality.

My photography and CDROM are not high end and sometimes the image is blurry and diagrams are hand drawn. No it isnt a fancy at all. BUT THIS DISC DOES CONTAIN THE INFORMATION ON HOW I REPAIRED MY OWN EQUIPMENT WHICH I USE DAILY.

I try to be honest and fair in my description and this is a NO FRILLS CDROM

Also my approach to repairing this KODAK MOVIEDECK model 285 is

1. Keep disassembly to a minimum
2. The more you take apart - the less likely it will go back together and work properly
3. Knowing where everything goes
   a. connectors
   b. electronic boards
   c. wires
4. I know of no service manual which teaches what I have done - using ingenuity to repair broken parts

I offer no guaranty or warranty. Your machine may have this problem or it may have an entirely different set of problems. I dont claim to know everything. I hope that this CDROM will help you better understand what I did to solve my problems. It is a constantly evolving CDROM and I have implemented suggestions from previous buyers and this version is the best so far for that reason. Is there any room for improvement - Im sure there is - there always is room for improvement. But this CDROM is the key to understanding your Moviedeck and how to access the internals and fix common issues.

Many people cant even figure out how to disassemble the machine. Taking a look inside is the first step in figuring out what is wrong. I show you how I remove the case and boards and other things.

NO I DONT TAKE APART THE WHOLE ENTIRE MECHANISM, SORRY. Otherwise you would have several hundred parts and springs and gears etc on your kitchen table. I dont do that- I just take apart JUST ENOUGH to access the part for repair - thats all.

I have a minimalist outlook for dissassembly - ONLY TAKE IT APART BARELY enough to solve your problem. DONT OVERDO IT.

As I complete my CDROMs current version - I will post the PAYPAL buttons here. For the time being - it is work in progress.

You can email me if you are interested in purchase

Dr Virago Pete
Illinois USA
(847) 454-7858 between 11am and 7pm daily