Dr Virago Pete's LaZer Service

I am not selling any equipment. I am offering to

laser your paintball equipment or other

anodized aluminum item and add a design or

graphic or wording etc to equipment provided

by the buyer.


Do you have paintball equipment (or other

anodized aluminum item)

1. Blue?

2. Red?

3. Green?

4. Orange?

5. Black?

6. Other color?

No silver bare aluminum items please - Buyer must supply anodized item with a color.
If it is silver or bare metal then I can't laser it. My laser does nothing to bare metal. In
other words my laser removes whatever is coated on the metal. The resolution of my
laser is as high as any high-quality printer. Yes I can do shading/halftones/dots/solids.

Most factory stock metal paintball equipment is aluminum and has an anodized finish which is metallic and shiny.

I'm sure you have seen paintball equipment with wonderful designs and logos and patterns and even graphics and photos - all enhanced by a laser.

Professional workmanship and quality design engraving is what I do everyday. Why settle for ordinary equipment when you can put any of the following patterns on it
1. Dragon
2. Tribal symbols
3. Scorpion
4. Tiger stripe pattern
5. Logo
6. Images from a photo
7. Customer provided images
8. More

Can you supply the design, photo, or pattern?
Got something from a magazine ad? Show me what you want, and I will try to do the same for you. Customer supplies the pictures and graphics- even a hand drawing is just fine. I have a few graphics as shown in the photo- I can provide anything shown in the picture. Want something different- then you must supply the image.

The limit of the size is 8" x 12" If your equipment is larger - you must disassemble it as it will not fit in my machine if larger. I can do Anything aluminum with an anodized finish.
1. Paintball gun items
2. Musical Instruments
3. Motorcycle parts
4. Tools
5. Cameras
6. Music players and Mp3 players
7. Keys
8. Anything aluminum with a metalic colored finish

(What does an aluminum anodized item look like? Look at any hardware store or departmet store key section- where they make keys for you. All of the colored keys are anodized. If your object looks like that it can be lasered. yes I do keys too.)

What you get is a white line where the laser has enhanced. If you have a black paintball item - then the graphics will be white. If you have a blue item then the graphics will be white. etc The laser does not DIG into metal. It doesn't eat metal and only the color is removed. What you get is what is under the anodized layer.

Lasering is permanent and removes the colored layer from your item. The white metal underneath is exposed. Laser engraved items can't be "unlasered" I have done some engraving of other things where a graphic was put over previous lasering from somebody else. So in other words it is possible to laser over a preexisting word or graphic to engrave over the old image to cover it up competely. Custom work is what I do.

Pro workmanship
Makes your paintball items Meaner.
Makes your laptop Awesome
Makes your Phone Nifty
Makes your Mp3 player Great

YES I Also laser MP3 players and phones and laptops etc. Yes I can add words etc. Some people just want their names and address and phone number in case the item gets lost. No problem. Whatever you need. But it must be a maximum size of
8" x 12". I can't do it if your item is bigger than that.

Want a sample? See my Pet tags section (GI tags too). Buy your pet a pet tag for identification. See and be amazed at the beautiful laser results.

How much does it cost to custom LaZer an item for you? It depends on the item. Typical charge is $35 plus shipping.

Dr Virago Pete

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Worldwide shipping - Yes