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Telephone Repair Service

Lets face it - your trusty phone is not going to last forever and at some point it will need servicing and repair.

First of all




Im sure I will still get phone calls - Can you repair my cellular phone - and my reply is NO SORRY

What I do service and repair are phones from the 1970s and 1980s and 1990s and 2000s which are basic phones.

I stay away from micro-miniature electronics and microscopic parts - just too small sorry.

I work on telephones with a soldering iron and test equipment. If your phone is TOO SMALL then I will have to say NO THANKS as it is just too small to work on.

Some repairs which I have performed
1. Cleaning sticky buttons
2. No ring
3. Weak ring
4. Microphone doesnt work
5. Microphone is weak
6. Distorted or weak sound
7. Cord has a problem, internal broken wire
8. Broken connector
9. De-yellowing of yellowed plastics
10. Cleaning
11. Troubleshooting
12. Bent or broken switch
13. Keypad doesnt work
14. Electronic issues

Some phones are just too ancient, and Some phones are just too modern.

Just right - 1970s-1980s-1990s-2000s phones which use electronic components and these electronic components have failed or are weak. I can replace the faulty component and have your phone back up and running again- in most but not all cases.

Why fix a phone- cant I just buy a new one?
Why sure- they sell phones in the stores. Of course you can buy a new one. But sometimes you have a well loved phone- one that has good sound and is nice and clear. One that has a volume control. One that is easy to use. See sometimes new phones just arent the same and you miss your old phone. Just something about it was wonderful to you.

My repair price starts at $75 and typical repair price is $100 and sometimes is higher depending on problems and issues.

I realize that the repair cost may exceed what you paid for the phone back in the 1970s but lets face it - I have to cover my time and materials cost. So my fee isnt going to be applicable to every phone or every person. But there are a few people who have a well loved phone that they saved and didnt throw out because it was a well loved phone and is worth fixing.

You gotta love your phone to have it repaired.

If you dont love your phone then you wont be willing to have it repaired.

All repairs are prepaid and money is paid before work is performed. Sometimes I have to order parts and components. But most of the time I can choose from thousands of in-stock components for the repair.

Standard Typical Fees (not flat rate charge- I reserve the right to charge more)
1. Single line home telephone service/repair $75, $100, or more
2. Dual line home telephone service/repair - ask
3. Business line telephone - ask

How I test your phone - before and after repairs

I use a BK Precision Telephone Product Tester which tests the following features

1. Cord Test (to see if the cord any breaks or cracks)
    A) if I find the connector is bad - I remove the old connector and crimp on a brand 
        new connector. Sometimes the plastic tab is broken and getting a new connector
        helps this cord stay locked in place in the wall socket or one the handset or on
        the phone base.
   B) If it passes the cord test - then I make sure it is clean and free of tangles - and 
        ready for install and use.

2. Ring Test ( to see if the incoming call will ring your phone and alert you to the fact
   that someone is trying to phone you)
    A) There are 2 rings a HIGH ring tone and a LOW ring tone on some but not all
         phones. Both ring tones are tested.
    B) If it fails to ring or the Ring volume is not correct - then I know to look for a BAD
        or WEAK electronic component and replace it.

3. Volume Test (to see if the incoming call has sufficient volume)
    A) Test Microphone
    B) Test Speaker on handset
    C) Test other speakers and microphones on base
    D) if any of the above are weak or absent - then I know to look for a BAD or WEAK  
         electronic component and replace it.

Other issues - I use my troubleshooting skills to find and fix repair other issues.
1) Not charging
2) Not transmitting or receiving
3) Other issues

Most of the phones I service are just plain older phones which use a telephone line cord. Most of these phones are not rechargeable. They dont have batteries. They dongt have an antenna. Some are touch tone and some are pulse dialing. Some have a switch where tone/pulse is selectable.

Yes I change batteries (additional cost). Sometimes I have to custom make a no-longer-available battery pack. NO I dont just sell batteries- I only replace battery packs on phones which I am servicing or performing repairs.


My inventory of electronic parts and components I reserve for my own repairs.

Here is a webpage where I show some of the test and repair equipment which I use in my lab.


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