Pixelvision Repair & Parts

You own (or considering getting one) - a very cool kid's camcorder

1. Got it for school?

2. Bought it used and didn't work?

3. Kept it in your closet all these years?

4. Keeping your eye open for a good one but haven't bought one yet?

5. Used to have one but still have some tapes?

I bought mine on an auction site and did a few things to get it to work

1. Took out the blue square from the lens assembly

2. Changed Belts (mail ordered it from Canada to USA)

3. Cleaned corroded battery terminals

4. Cleaned debris out of the camcorder

5. Cleaned the optic viewfinder

6. Struggled with snapping the 2 halves of the case back together properly but finally got it

7. Setup a professional workstation dedicated for Pixelvision transfers to DVD

Since I ordered my belts in a bulk lot I do have quite a few extra belts in stock that I intend to sell through this webpage.

I have been repairing VCRs and Camcorders for over 30+ years so I know belts- experience is how I knew which replacement size to buy and where to get.

I also transfer tapes for people as part of my videotape and audio tape transfer business. I do offer transfer of Pixelvision tapes for $7 (* as low as) each with free return shipping (I reserve the right to charge for shipping for low volume order)

Transfer of PXL200 Tapes to Pro Quality DVD $7 each

(* as low as $7 each - I reserve the right to charge more for low volume and/or poor condition)
1. FisherPrice Tapes
2. High Bias Audio Cassettes

3. Recorded on Professional DVD recorders

Need Belts?
Want me to fix yours?
Just need to transfer your existing tapes to DVD?

I transfer all formats of tapes and films 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010
Super8, Regular8, 16mm
8mm, Video8, Hi-8, Digital8, MiniDV, MicroDV,
Reel to Reel Audio 1/4", cassette tape, micro cassette tape, 8-track
Reel to Reel Video (1" type C, 1/2" EIAJ,  1" Panasonic NV Master, etc)
FisherPrice Pixelvision PXL2000
VHS, VHS-C, VHS-S, VHS-C, VHS ET, SVHS ET, Betamax, Beta I II III SuperBeta
, Umatic
DV, DVCAM, DVC, DVCPro small Medium and Full Size cassettes
The most popular formats I record to are CD-R and DVD-R or DVD+R
I can record to and from most any format.
many more- too many to list

(no hollywood movies, no tv shows, no XXX/adult, no commercial copywritten, Only home-made recordings please)

Dr Virago Pete
Phone (847) 454-7858
Email drviragopete@att.net
Illinois, USA

I am not affiliated with the MFG in any way.

I use highest quality "square cross section" belts of the correct size and tension. These are aftermarket belts of excellent quality.

Signs you need new belt(s) - beeping buzzing slow play/rewind/fast-forward or no playback. Lots of pixelation, little or no image, etc

In my own transfer business - I use a highly modified PXL2000 with my own design mechanism which allows me to perform all kinds of playback adjustments to account for various issues - the original PXL2000 was a TOY and trying to playback tapes from 15+years ago requires my expertise and custom playback device which I made myself as a master technician. I also use resolution enhancement technology to increase the picture quality. I know of no other place who can do what I do. Im the very best at what I do.

Only replacing the belts does not assure you of wonderful playback.

I can save poor condition tapes digitally - dont risk your tapes on a poorly working machine. I reserve the right to charge more for low quantity tape lot and poor condition/deterioration.

I get ALOT of requests to sell the belts ONLY
1 set of replacement belts for PXL2000 $60 plus shipping/handling
Shipping/handling cost for USA $6.50 (Buy Now Button)
Shipping/handling cost for Canada $12.50 (Pay Now Button)
no rush orders

Specify your shipping address in your paypal payment.

Use the following paypal buttons to order BELTS ONLY

Click BUY NOW button for USA buyers only (correct shipping for your country)

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PXL2000 Repair Quote Fee $10

I get ALOT of requests to quote PXL2000 repair. There is not a ONE_SIZE_FITS_ALL quote as there may be various issues which vary from unit to unit. My $10 Quote fee does not cover any services or parts or repair. It is not applicable to repair or parts. There is no refund for this quote fee. The $10 quote fee covers my time in phone, email conversations, exchange of photos etc to communicate fully about fees etc. This $10 eliminates frivolous/just curious/just-looking requests drastically.