Low Volume Caffenol Coffee Processing

for Kodak Ektachrome Super8 Cartridge

made from 1960s-2000s

Processed by Dr Virago Pete in my film lab

Got an exposed Super8 Film

Need it processed?

I can process your Color film to B&W only

This is a new technique I have invented to hand process vintage expired films. I am accepting low volume orders at this time as each cartridge takes a whole day to process, dry, and transfer to DVD.

Your Steps
1. Buy a vintage Super8 Cartridge "Kodak Ektachrome" (no other film types sorry)
2. Shoot the film in your camera
3. Remove film cartridge and look for the word "exposed" - it is ready for developing.
4. Send it to me for "Caffenol" processing
5. You get back

  • a. Your film on a 3" reel (plastic cartridge is discarded)
  • b. A DVD which contains the film contents (3 minutes and 12 seconds approx)

The caffenol process contains non-toxic ingredients for example "coffee" and some other supermarket ingredients. I don't use chemicals.

The film you get back is brownish due to the coffee ingredient use to process the film. It is opposite & photo-negative.

I use film transfer equipment which makes a correct-looking B&W positive image from the brown-ish negative.

The DVD you get is Black and White (positive)
The Roll of film you get is Black and White (negative and brownish)

I can process your Color film to B&W only.

I can process your Color film to B&W only.

I can process your Color film to B&W only.

I can process your Color film to B&W only.

What's so special about it?
Movie Film processing is no longer offered by many department stores and many photo developing labs have closed. Films which are considered obsolete are sitting in closets, shoeboxes, and deskdrawers with no-one to chemically process them.

Some people develop film for cameras as a hobby in their bathrooms and darkrooms etc. But it is a very rare thing to have someone develop/process Super8 film as it requires special handling and care and equipment.

Companies & Hobbyists use photographic chemistry that gets poured down the drain and contaminates the earth. Be kind to the earth.

I use coffee which is a safe non-chemical, and is a responsible way to process film.

1. I can't give you color - only Black and White
2. It takes me all day to do one cartridge
3. Once I process your Color Film in my Caffenol/coffee solution - your film will never be able to be color again. It will be permanently B&W.

1. There is finally someone who can process your vintage film - Dr Virago Pete
2. Hey- my films have a cool "vintage" look to them.

  • a. 1920s look
  • b. sepia- murkiness- old time film look
  • c. processed by hand- inconsistencies in brightness/contrast throughout
3. The DVD contains the film contents and it looks positive/normal
4. My film cartridge is not obsolete anymore.

Due to the nature of expired vintage films - often 20+ 30+ 40+ years old- there is no guaranty that the film is still good or was stored correctly. No refunds sorry.

95% of old Super8 film cartridges are still processable using my technique.

I cannot process any other film types at this time- only Super8 Cartridge Kodak Ektachrome.

Please read
1. You are not buying film here (you provide film cartridge)
2. You are not buying a camera (use your own movie camera)
3. You are buying processing of your film to DVD and onto a 3" reel (I provide 3" reel and DVD)

This is a film processing service for Kodak Ektachrome 50ft 160 Type G outdoor and indoor film. No extra charge for silent or sound. If your film has sound I will transfer sound at no extra charge.


I develop $249.99 per Super8 50ft cartridge

includes transfer to DVD. Film content is mounted on a 3" standard film reel.

Kodak Ektachrome film only (see photo)


Dr Virago Pete

Telephone (847) 454-7858

Email drviragopete@att.net

Illinois, USA

Extra Insights

The image of a film reel was digitally stretched/transformed to fit within the coffee cup. Text was superimposed on the image with border. It is an artistic impression by Dr Virago Pete.  No film isn't developed by dipping it in a coffee cup. I use special equipment and other earth-friendly ingredients to process your film.

How Do You Spell Film Processing?

Do you spell "develope" or do you spell "develop"?

I remember a-long time ago this word was spelled "develope" the spelling of this word has changed over time. Whichever way you spell it - I can process your film cartridge.

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Quote Consultation Fee $10
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