I have the following used Stratasys Parts For Sale 

from a Stratasys BST768 SST 3d printer

Parts I have For Sale

4ea Heater modules

1ea Circuit Board which I believe is a stepper motor driver

I am not affiliated with the mfg Stratasys in any way.

Also I have quite a few bottles of soluble support concentrate in a case (not pictured). I'm not sure which model uses this concentrate bottle type.

I also have a large metal cannister for filament (probably a foot of filament left inside) for an unknown model of Stratasys printer. My hunch is it is from a Titan or Quantum or other big model - but that is just a hunch (not pictured).

Dr Virago Pete
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between 11am and 7pm daily

I buy sell trade used Stratasys Parts - any condition considered working or not.

"I'm interested in professional quality 3d printers and parts and supplies."