Dr Virago Pete's Laser Power Testing Service

I own a Ohir PD200-VSX Laser Power Meter Tester (see above photo) which is a professionally calibrated device. It is accurate to test low power laser beam devices.

The testing ranges

1. 0-2 microwatts

2. 0-20 microwatts

3. 0-200 microwatts

4. 0-2 milliwatts

5. 0-20 milliwats

6. 0-200 milliwatts

In summary

I can test your power output up to 200 mw (< .2 watt) laser device.

For example most laser pointers for use when giving a classroom lecture - these handheld laser pointers are usually between 1mw and 3mw. Most astronomy green laser pointers are approx 5mw or less.

Burning laser pointers are usually 30mw on up.

I can provide laser testing service on most devices both handheld and enclosed units. Most lasering devices are recommended tested/calibrated on a regular basis to ensure legal compliance and to test for proper function.

Be sure to operate your laser within legal limits. Be sure to operate your laser in a safe and legal manner.

My tester is not for high power devices such as CO2 laser engravers as those are approx 40watts and above.

My tester can test devices at .2 watts or below.

For example the laser on your pc's dvd burner is 100 mw typically  and your cd player's laser is approx 5mw. These are generalities which can vary with model and brand device.

Most small tube-based helium neon lasers for high school lab demonstrations are 1 to 2 mw depending on age on up to about 20mw.

Most mini keychain laser pointers are 1 to 3 mw typically.

I can test tube lasers and solid-state devices.

My testing fee will depend on what you need to have done - call or email to discuss your needs.

I am not selling my tester - I am offering a laser power testing service.

When sending in your device for laser power testing- You will receive

1. Your device carefully packaged

2. A calibration sticker with date

3. Measured power data

If your device fails - it will receive a failed sticker with date and measured power data. All materials / items you send - will be returned.

If your device passed - it will receive a passed sticker with date and measured power data. All materials / items you send - will be returned.

Dr Virago Pete

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