How's your 35mm Slide

Scanning Coming Along?

First of all I should say that I'm not affiliated with Nikon in any way. 

I own several Nikon LS-1000 scanners

I own several Nikon SF-100 feeders

I use the above scanners/feeders in my slide scanning business. Several of these were puchased on the internet/auction site in non-working condition (the sellers usually say something like "untested" or it worked the last time I used it ... but did not work)

The purpose of this page is to

1. At last a solution to your search for a solution

a. Install a working driver

b. Get the scanner to be recognized by your PC Operating System

c. Get the feeder to reliably feed in slides

d. Get the feeder to reliably eject slides from the scanner

e. Get the feeder and scanner to work together well

It took me a long time to develop my solutions so I don't give away my answers. I am a business and would be glad to offer you my parts / service / tips for a fee.

What I can offer technical Advice on and Items for Sale

1. Metal add-on which allows one slide to feed at-a-time rather than several slides being fed in simultaneously.

2. Where to find the scanner driver for Win98, Win2000, WInME, WinXP

3. How to install the drivers for

a. Adaptec SCSI (PCI cards too many to list, or PCMCIA laptop card "SlimSCSI")

b. Nikon Scanner LS-1000

4. Which cables are needed

5. Never use a terminator add-on as they can blow out your fuse or worse.

6. How to fit the Feeder properly on the Slide Scanner

7. Where to find the scanner software (goto Nikon site for version 1.6 and download it) the driver for the scanner is not included in the download

8. Troubleshooting

I have successfully used the following SCSI cards

1542, PCMCIA laptop card "SlimSCSI" 1450A 1460 etc in Windows ME and Windows XP

I have successfully used my Nikon LS1000 scanners and feeders in all versions of Windows stated in this webpage.

Is there is trick to it?

Yes. It is not obvious and I have not seen ANY website tackle this problem. I have struggled with it for a long time. It is no longer a struggle and is a piece of cake once you know how to do it.

Technical Support Price

My flat fee price for technical support is $30

Replacement Parts and Upgrade Parts Price

A. Combo - Replacement 4ea belts and metal add-on to the feeder is $110

B. 4ea small belts Only is $15 ($15 includes 4ea small belts only)

C. Metal add-on to SF-100 feeder to allow 1 slide to feed in at a time $99

My price for LS1000 dust cleaning is $75

My price for LS1000 & SF100 combo troubleshooting & dusting & upgrade is $199

My price for De-yellowing the case (purely cosmetic and totally optional) is also available for $65

My most popular


My price for LS1000 belt change and Metal add-on to SF-100 feeder to allow 1 slide to feed in at a time Combo price including installation labor is $165 plus $16 return shipping




LS2000, LS4000, LS5000, 9000, 20, 30, 40 etc (repair and cleaning of various models of older discontinued Nikon Scanners)

SF-200, SF210 etc feeder repair and modification/upgrade for feed issues.

*by far my most popular is LS1000 & SF100 but I do repair and upgrade all I get phoned about. Prices vary with what needs to be done and model. Phone email to discuss

Yes I also work on the older models like the 3510, 3500, 3510AF (Im also looking for the rare autofeeder for this - got an autofeeder to sell for use with the 3500 series or Agfa Vision 35 sister model?)

Got feed issues? Power on issues? Noises? Errors? Lines? Blurry hazey? SCSI connect issues? Nonfeed, inconsistent feed? Broken plastic gears and parts? I can do that.

(Shipping is extra cost and not included. Does not include repair of non-working units sent to me. What I mean is troubleshooting working units in a minor fashion such as belt changes, cleaning, calibration, adjustment.)

Dr Virago Pete (847) 454-7858


Illinois, USA

I answer all questions personally and promptly. Let the phone ring awhile as it takes me a bit to get to the phone from my workshop. While I do not give away my secrets for free- I am willing to answer compatibility questions or help you understand what I can offer you.


Dr Virago Pete

Telephone (847) 454-7858