The above photo is my Sony J-1 Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX in broadcast quality in both NTSC and PAL.

The above photos is my Sony DVW-510 Digital Betacam in broadcast quality.  

I transfer the following formats of Betacam to DVD

Betacam ................................. any size tape (NTSC or PAL)

Betacam SP............................... any size tape (NTSC or PAL)

Betacam SX ............................... any size tape (NTSC or PAL)

Digital Betacam ("DigiBeta" or "D-Beta" or "Digi")..... any size tape (NTSC Only)

Betacam Mpeg IMX ....................... no

HDCAM .................................... no

HDCAM SR ................................. no

(I also transfer all formats of Betamax I,II, III, Super, Hifi, Mono etc)

My Sony professional DVD recorder records to NTSC and PAL.

Full conversion from NTSC/PAL tape to NTSC/PAL DVD as needed


Betacam Blue cassette or Black cassette typical but not always

Betacam SP Black Cassette typical but not always

Betcam SX Yellow Cassette typical but not always

Digital Betacam "Digibeta" Grey cassette with black door typical but not always

Small cassette = S

Large Cassette = L

Never put a Betacam tape into a Betamax consumer VCR - tape will be abrasive to the consumer heads- similar to tape cleaning cassette. Betacam heads are robust and made to play Betcam media.

Betacam small tapes are the exact same size as a Betamax consumer tape. The color of the cassette shell helps TV stations sort them by color/tape format.

Betacam standard and Betacam SP are Analog formats no compression

Betacam SX is a digital format Mpeg2 4:2:2 18Mbits/sec 10:1 compressed

Digital Betacam "digibeta" digital format  YUV 4:2:2 90Mbits/sec 2:1 Lossless compression

Popular for TV News/reporters

Some high end consumer SuperBeta machines included an ED mode which to the best of my knowledge is the older Betacam format which I will call Betacam with nothing else after it "Betacam". So Superbetamax ED and Betacam are really the same or similar to the best of my knowledge but I could be mistaken.

You should never put a Betacam tape into a Betamax machine as it will wear out the consumer heads or damage them. The pro-sumer SuperBeta machines which had ED mode were equipped to handle Betacam and had more robust video heads etc.

In my video transfer of Betacam I use a profesional machine the Sony J-1. I do not use the prosumer decks as I feel I get a better transfer using professional rather than prosumer equipment.

When people compare pro-sumer Superbeta machines with ED mode (Betacam) to VHS it is not a fair contest. Betamax is consumer format and VHS is a consumer format. This created alot of confusion about the quality of Betamax in the 80s and 90s. People were juxtaposing Betacam references onto Betamax in regards to quality or resolution or detail. I hope this clarifies some things for the reader.

I transfer many formats of professional and consumer tapes- call me for all your tape transfer needs. I can transfer 95% of all pro and consumer audio tapes/video tapes & film from the 1960s to current.

It is wise to have a backup of your Tapes on DVD for several reasons:
1 It is easier to watch video content on a standard DVD player
2 Your machine may not be available anymore but you still have tapes
3 Deterioration, aging, degrading of quality
4 Backup - In case of theft or loss
5 DVD players have features video tape machines didn't have


  • Studio quality Tape transfer.
  • Every inch of your Tape will be transferred to media.
  • High quality, namebrand DVD disc 
  • Press PLAY on your DVD player will give you a menu and then you can choose which video you want to watch. The movies fill the whole screen (just like a "Full Screen" store bought DVD). Your films in the best quality possible.
  • No music track added. Silent movies remain silent. Sounds movies have your own sounds.
  • Your DVD is playable on DVD player, many game consoles, PCs.
  • Magic marker title on DVD face, no fancy disc face
  • All work done on Professional equipment
  • Full Sound Transfer of HIFI and Mono recordings
  • DVD is provided in a basic white paper 5" x 5" standard envelope with round clear window

You must own rights to the content- not just the tape itself.
1. Duplication or transfer of commercial tapes must be authorized in writing by the studio/station/company who made this tape.
2. No XXX
3. Copyright paperwork must accompany the tape.
4. Authorization paperwork must acompany the tape
5. The only exception is hobbyist/enthusiast/home user made tapes - noncommercial in nature - may not require any paperwork.

I specialize in all video Formats, and I have excellent professional equipment in pristine condition.

The very best for Betacam (Standard/SP/SX) videotape transfer to DVD. Popular in 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s.

The master DVD disc made from your tape will be EXACTLY just like the contents of your tape.
Video Encoded MPEG-2 10mbit/sec
Audio Encoded Dolby Digital
(For those who don't speek technical jargon - it means Professional Perfect Results)

I ship in US Post Office Flat Rate Boxes- please carefully package your valuable tapes for safe transport.

Example of Content

Reporter, university/student work, medical, commercial / advertisement (must have official paperwork proving authorized duplication). No commercial transfer work, unless written authorization accompanies tapes- on official TV station/university/etc letterhead.

I reserve the right to say no thanks.

For the safety of your tapes- please ship in its protective plastic storage case. If you prefer to save shipping costs- you can opt to not have your tape reels returned. Normally I do return all tapes sent to in for transfer.

Plan on Including

1. Official letter authorizing transfer to DVD/duplication rights & copyright documentation
2. Send to me in protective plastic case
3. Buy one listing for each reel to be transferred

Lowest Price & Best Video quality

The disc isn't fancy - the video quality is professional.



PAL tape to PAL DVD

PAL tape to NTSC DVD

Transfer to Tape to Tape is also available

to various other tape or disc formats.

YES I TRANSFER USA and International


This listing is for a service.

I am not selling equipment.

I am not selling tapes.

This is for transfer of buyer's tape to DVD or other format.

For the everyday folks who come across this ad- the above is for professional tv studio type equipment tapes transferred- But I also transfer all types of consumer format tapes such as VHS, Beta, Minidv, 8mm, Hi8, Digital8 and much more. Let me know what you have on tape and the tape type, and I'll try to answer your questions.

Dr Virago Pete


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All questions answered personally and promptly

I am willing to answer questions.