Dr Virago Pete's Very Own 

Rank Cintel & RCA ADS2 TKS100 CCD Advanced Digital Scanner  

Rank Cintel & RCA ADS2 TKS100 CCD Advanced Digital Scanner Article

Dr Virago Pete's

Telecine Transfer Service

35mm and 16mm

Professional telecine of your films

including 35mm Cinema is now affordable

100% digital transfer available

Hobby films

Family films

Student films

Film Festival films

Advertising / Commercial spot films

Full-length feature films

Amateur home - made films

Consumer family-friendly films

Network TV, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Broadcast Station films

Historical films

Corporate & business films

Theme Park films

Hollywood Studio films

Animation and Cartoon films

Training and Educational films

Newsreel films

Movie Theater films

Scientific films

Religious films

International films

Museum & Preservation & Conservation Organization films

Many more

No XXX/adult content please

No Bootleg-

Documentation / paperwork is required

of all professionally made film. 


Got Film?

My equipment features

1. Davinci Classic

   a. Color correction

   b. White balance

   c. Black balance

   d. Gamma correction

   e. Negative/positive

   f. Much more

2. Screen Formats

   a. Full screen

   b. Anamorphic

   c. Letterbox

3. CCD image scanner with 1024 resolution linear ccd array 4:2:2 color depth

   a. Auto color correction

   b. Digital frame store

   c. Dust & Scratch Concealment

   d. RGB, SDI, Parallel, HD-SDI outputs

   e. Much more

4. Sound

   a. Optical or magnetic striped film

   b. Synchronized Mag Sound Follower with Dolby multi track

   c. Digital and Dolby (various modes)

   d. Vintage analog sound

   e. Silent films also welcome

5. Global Region

   a. NTSC

   b. PAL

   c. SECAM

   d. HD

   e. Variable frame-rate fps

   f. No pull-down / yes pull-down

No Rush Orders Please...

quality work takes time

The Ideal 35mm Film Customer

1. Provides films on reels with a removable core

2. Has consolidated the feature film onto as few reels as possible with a maximum

    reel size of 23-1/2" diameter

3. Provides cleaned and ready-to-be-telecined films in good to excellent condition

4. Provides plenty of clean leader at the beginning and end of each reel

5. Has checked all splices for professionalism

6. Provides protective shipping containers

7. Has copyright paperwork or licensing paperwork or ownership paperwork etc prepared and enclosed in the shipment

Student-work or hobby or personal/family films may not have any paperwork - I understand fully - student films & hobby films & family films welcome

B&W and Color Films welcome.

Just some of the many formats I can transfer to/from

1. DVD


3. D2

4. DVCproHD

5. 1" Reel Type C

6. File

7. regular8/super8/16mm/35mm movie film

7. Other - inquire (all consumer formats and professional formats for audio/video)

My film to DVD transfers are the best value.

100% solid state CCD high resolution state-of-the-art.

Dr Virago Pete

Phone (847) 454-7858

email address: drviragopete@att.net

Illinois, USA

I transfer nearly any film or tape type ever made -

see my above links or phone or email