Dr Virago Pete's Automated Phone System

Telephone System with PreRecorded Messages is available once you make a purchase:

(847) 454-7858

(standard Illinois business phone without any extra fees on my end)

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun

9AM-10AM, 12Noon-1PM, 6PM-7PM, 8PM-9PM

(times are for pre-recorded message playback)

Chicago Illinois Time (Central Time Zone)

If phone just rings-

make sure you are calling at the correct time.

I value your business and

answer all questions

personally and promptly.


All Virago Purchases containing a CD-ROM disc contain a 4"x4"

approximate size card with access codes. These access codes

are to be typed into the touch-tone keypad on your phone when

you dial the above phone number.

No Charge Codes

Information and Email Address Code 4534

Exit/End Call Code 9999 (or just hangup anytime)

System Overview Code 4541

Extra Help For CD-ROM Installation Code 9976

Must Make a Purchase to Obtain These Codes

PowerClip8 & SuperShim Extra Tips (provided upon sale)

Virago Charging System Tips (provided upon sale)

Carburator Tips (provided upon sale)

Want to try out the system before you make a purchase?

Go ahead and dial the number and then type in the No Charge


Some people need extra help in installing the CD-ROM and

getting it to play. Call the number above and type in code 9976.

Be seated in front of your computer and have the CD-ROM disc

in your hand as the pre-recorded message will take you

step-by-step. If you still have trouble getting it to play- email

me and I will be glad to help.

Dr Virago Pete