Dr Virago Pete's
USB Memory Drive Recovery Service

Got a broken Flashdrive?

1 Busted
2 Cracked
3 Loose Connector
4 No Physical Damage but doesnt work
5 Unrecognzed by the computer or other device

There are ALOT of namebrands and no-namebrands of these data storage device. These devices plugs into your computer or laptop or phone's USB port or mini USB port. Some have fancy cases, business-like cases, cases flip open, switchblade type cases, cases with or without caps, colorful and plain and you-name-it shapes and sizes.

But there comes a time when IT DOESNT WORK ANYMORE? What happened - I used it yesterday and it was working just fine. Oh my GOSH (or worse) I had all my photos on it. You are not the only one that this has happened to.

The good news is that I can recover most content.
1. Im an electronics expert
2. Handy with computers and fixing whatever is broken
3. I have recovered alot of these in various brands

Sometimes the USB metal is broken off completely or bent or cracked - Dont SIT on your USB stick!!!!!
(But if you did sit on it I will do my best to recover your data/photos/content)

It happened to me too- I was using a good namebrand Lexar 128GB drive - you know the good one with USB 3.0 and one day - it stopped working. I didnt do anything different to it than I usually do. I didnt throw it around. I didnt put it in my pocket. So - my point is - it can happen to anyone - sooner or later.

See the issue is NOT the FLASHDRIVE. It is the LOSS OF DATA. Sometimes years worth of photos - just gone.

Well I just applied the VERY same techniques to my OWN LEXAR 128GB drive that I did to all of my past buyers - and I got my data transfered to a brand new one. Yes I bought the same brand as before - I dont knock the brand or model - Im sure every company makes good products. You know, the bad ones/accidents happen to ALL brands.

Sometimes it has physical damage and sometimes its just BAD LUCK.

But my point is - Let me work on your USB Stick drive or flash drive or whatever fancy name the mfg company calls it. I can recover the entire contents a VAST Majority of time. Every once in a while I get one that stumps me and I have to say "no thankyou" and refund the payment minus a small fee for my time and effort and return shipping.

Some of the many brands of U-Drive / Flash memory / Flashdrive / Jumpdrive etc which I have recovered
1. Lexar
2. Sandisk
3. Generic/novelty
4. Unbranded
5. etc too many to list
6. USB 1, USB 1.1, USB 2.0, USB 3.0

Call to discuss your issues and I'll give you a quote over the phone. Usually between $50 and $100 depending on whats wrong - but it can be a bit higher for some. I reserve the right to say "no thanks"

What I usually do is ... save the data onto a brand new flashdrive. Once I retrieve the data I dont recommend that you use the old one for anything (you get the old one back). Afterall - its the data which is important - not the old device itself.

Usually the device is under warranty by the mfg - but it makes no sense to send it in for warranty as the mfg will send you a brand new BLANK one. Well WHERE IS MY DATA THEN? My buyers want the DATA. And so sending it back to the mfg makes no sense - because they warrant the hardware and NOT the data.

My buyers really dont mind if I have to perform some 30-years-electronics-experience fixing many devices type MAGIC on it to retrieve the data ...

It isnt magic - it is experience and Know-How. Even so there are some - every once in a great while - which I cant retrieve ...

Some Things I have Tried which Worked for Recovery
1. Resolder bad connections
2. Add Extra Wires to make good contact
3. Extra bracing/splint with rubberbands and popsicle stick
4. Reflow Oven to cure "cold solder joints" 375 deg F for 5 minutes
5. Other colorful method
(dont try the above at home as you can do further damage - I dont accept tinkered-with items sorry. It is very easy to overdo any of the above and make things worse than before.)

No 2 broken flashdrives are alike. I use my best judgement to get back your data.

Note on my own Lexar 128GB Jumpdrive restore - I used all of the above methods and still didnt work after 3 tries. But on the 4th time - it did work and I got back all of my data.

See there are some cases that are tougher than others. It takes skill not to ruin the item - for example baking too long or too hot, or making it sit crooked and the components fall off the PCB or worse.

Let an expert retrieve it for you. If you tinker with it - you are on your own.
Good Luck.

No Rush Orders - quality work takes time.

No previously tinkered-with please.

Retrieving data or attempting to recover data is Experimental - no guaranty or warranty. I will do my best.

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between 11am and 7pm daily
Illinois, USA