Dr Virago Pete's Computer Programming Service

I am offering computer programming service

- No fancy graphics (simple line drawings ok)

- Mostly text based programs
- No rush orders
- No computer games

PC compatible - the programs I write do run under Window or DOS
and work on any processor Intel or AMD or other brands work fine too.

Some examples of what I have programmed (too many to list)

Calculate how many pieces can be cut out by sawing a sheet - taking into consideration saw blade kerf - makes a simple line drawing

and shows number of pieces

Write several batch files including autoexec.bat

A batch file to clean out temp files from a folder

A labs wanted some software to create random numbers and then assign it to various subjects.

Mathematical computation/calculations.

Table lookups.

Questions/answer response.

(too many to list)

Every programming job is different and unique and I'm pretty flexible on what I can do - but I like to keep things simple and not get involved in overly complex programming. Yes I remember how to program an Apple IIe, and Original IBM PC, and many other vintage home computers. But the examples above are for modern day computers. You can inquire about programming for various computers new or vintage - I can do that too.

I can provide the source code and also the COM or EXE file. I dont write bloatware and my software is usually very efficient, and I take the time to make sure it fully works. A printout of the source code can be provided if needed.

The programs I write are not to be shared or posted online.

Sometimes a person has an interfacing idea - for example to read a light sensor and show the result on a screen.

Sometimes people hire me to teach computer programming to a small group or to an individual.

On a personal note- I own several Rhino Robotic Arms and have built my own CNC equipment. I operate a website which I created myself and maintain it regularly to keep it current. Yes I can solder and understand hardware and software and how to access ports and store and retrieve data from files. I made several inventions of my own and wrote software for the hardware. I own several computers mostly current PCs running Windows XP but I have a few vintage computers as sometimes I get a request to write software for an old machine from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, 10s.

My first home computer was a Commodore VIC-20, Second computer was an Atari 800, I built my 3rd computer from mail order parts from a magazine called "Computer Shopper" which was an IBM PC/XT running at a whopping 10MHZ with the turbo button pushed on. I made my own scanner back then using a photo resistor sensor and short piece of fiber optic cable. The daiseywheel printer carriage moved back and forth scanning the page. The sensor was hooked up to the computers analog port and read by software producing an image on screen. I progressed by upgrading one component at a time such as upgrading a disk drive, memory, processor, case, power supply etc I went through various hardware and software and operating systems always keeping up with the latest hardware and software = swapping out one thing at a time. I have never actually purchased a whole PC computer as I always built them from scratch.
3-1/2" diskettes, 5-1/4" floppy disks, hard drives, flash drives - I use all of these interchangeably and is not a problem to supply the file in any media format you need.
I am familiar with the serial RS-232C and parallel ports LPT1 thru LPT3 as input and output.  I am familar with use of the gameport as analog or digital input.

The sounds I use are normally - no sound - but certain applications require some sounds like simple beeps and tones. The most sophisticated sound program I wrote included speech/voice output which told the user "the door is open" or "Enter your response" in spoken words. But normally sounds are just beeps or no sounds depending on what the job entails.

On a professional experience note I was hired by a big pharmaceutical company in 1999 to remove the Y2K bug from their system. I also software tested and debugged software built-in to hospital infusion pumps. I programmed eprom chips. I repaired motherboards for a computer manufacturer. Too many casework examples to list. Sometimes I get a call for something that is not at all in the above, and I will give it a listen as the very nature of what I do is different every single time. A company needed my help to help create a fully automated assembly line which made optical encoder parts coupled with electronic sensors (Involved aluminum fabrication and some welding and punching and more which I am very skilled at metal and plastic fabrication and forming work also)

I often hear that the person has been looking for someone to do this task/project for a very long time.

I have been programming since 1977 and have been heavily involved with computers and electronics daily.

I try to offer reasonable fee for my programming service and is based on the level of difficulty/complexity.
My long rambling txt above hopefully conveys a long history of hardware and software adaptability/versatility on my part - to the reader.

Dr Virago Pete
Phone (847) 454-7858
Email drviragopete@att.net

Illinois, USA

Some programming terms you may remember

1. Do loops / For Next Loops
2. Subroutines
3. Print
4. Compiler