Cricut Repair Service for

1. Expression ............ 24"

2. Personal .............. 12"

3. Create .................12"

4. Expression 2 ......... 24"

(above names belong to their mfg Provo Craft and I am not affiliated with them at all)

Most used parts in stock.

I can repair your Cricut or

exchange towards a used working machine.

I will quote repair once you have described the problem/issue (photos of broken parts are helpful)

I am not affiliated with the mfg in any way. 

Dr Virago Pete

Illinois, USA

(847) 454-7858

I do not flash firmware sorry-

you'll need to reflash/update your firmware on your own.


The above pictured machine is a 12" Cricut

The above pictured machine is a Cricut Expression 2

Cricut Expression 2 USB port Repair

A broken USB connector is a very common problem for this model. Depending on the version of machine and internal PCB printed circuit board -  I will repair it one of these ways

1. Either replace the USB connector or

2. Replace the connector with a permanently attached USB cord.

I wont know which solution is the one for your machine until I open the case and see the broken connector. There are vearious versions of connector so I will make that decision (see #1 or #2) after I have the cover off.

The cost of fixing the USB connector or adding a permanently attached USB cord is $75 plus $25 return shipping/handling to any mainland USA address.

Please do not send any accessories/extra parts/pieces - only the machine itself and the power supply - no cartridges, cutters, mats etc.

Dr Virago Pete

Illinois, USA

(847) 454-7858

I do not flash firmware sorry-

you'll need to reflash/update your firmware on your own.

I am not a factory authorized repair center. I am not affiliated with Provocraft in any way. The spare parts I use are scavenged from defective units or aftermarket parts from electronic distributors. 30+ years electronics repair experience.

The above picture is a broken USB port for Cricut Expression 2

USB Port Connector Only is available for $15 each plus shipping handling $4.99 for those people who are handy with disassembly and soldering. This USB port will fit many Cricut Expression 2 machine - but it will not fit all of them. No returns.

Please take a good look at your removed connector and compare it to the following photos.

Once I receive your payment I will go ahead and order it in bulk from my overseas supplier. Please be patient as it takes awhile to receive these parts. Once I receive this port I will mail it to you. Make sure a handy proficient person performs the replacement.

This paypal Buy Now button is set up for mainland USA buyers only.

It is for 1ea USB port as pictured above. It is a replacement for certain models of Cricut Expression 2. No returns - please compare your broken port to make sure it is a good match before ordering. Not all models have the same port - you must look and see first before ordering.

Price $15 plus $4.99 shipping and handling. No rush orders.