35mm Slide Scanning Service

3 Slide Scanning Services Offered
  • ONE Standard Service is 3900 x 2600 Approx for rectangle 35mm slides measuring 1.394" x .933" (typical consumer 35mm slide size). I have several high quality/high speed machines in my lab which I use for large volume work. I am pleased with the quality results and 150 slides per hour scanning rate of all my machines combined. Larger orders are welcome. 20MB file. $1 per scan (100 slide miniumum order)
  • TWO Ultra High Resolution Service is 8800 x 6000 Approx for rectangle 35mm slides measuring 1.394" x .933" (typical consumer 35mm slide size). Scans performed one-by-one by hand. 90MB file approx. $25 per scan (no minimum order)
  • THREE Astronomy and Forensics Service is 10,000 x 10,000 Approx for square slides measuring 1.57" x 1.57" with extra-spectacular black and details. 6350dpi. Scans performed one-by-one by hand. 286MB file approx. In person scanning is available. $50 per scan (no minimum order)


  • 20mb+ per slide approximate file size for standard
  • Files are non-compressed and no data loss format BMP
  • Files are compatible with both PC / MAC
  • 36-bit color
  • color range 3.2
  • Namebrand DVD (my choice as purchased from office supply store)
  • Each slide is dusted by can of pure air before scanning
  • Paper or Plastic or Metal - all types ok
  • Optional Color Correction - email first
  • Optional Scratch & Dust Removed - email first
  • BMP file format
  • PC DVD with standard files
  • Buy based on qty and features needed
  • No rush orders
  • Gentle puff of air to dust off light contaminants
  • Film itself is never touched - send clean lint-free slides please
  • Faithful color digitized
  • Slide Cleaning Tip Sheet Emailed
  • DVD provided with standard paper white envelope & clear plastic window
  • DVD is not fancy and has no colorful label - plain, standard, regular DVD
  • Located in Illinois, USA
  • Return shipping by US Post Office with tracking number

Please be sure your slides are rectangle (My equipment is built for rectangle slides and square ones will be only be scanned in the rectangle area - see photo - on on the left is too big to capture all content)

Standard scanning service gives an optical resolution image size of
3900 x 2600 approx for rectangle 35mm mounted slides. $1 each at 100 slides

Some films contain contaminants in the emulsion layer due to dirty chemicals as processed by photo production houses in the 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 2000s That can be built into the film layer. I'm not going to remove any emulsion or such - I don't put any chemicals or wipe any slides. I never touch the film. Once a purchase is made- I send a "Slide Cleaning Tip Sheet" by email.

Only a gentle touch-less puff of air is used to remove any dust speckles. Anything truly stuck on the film like dirt or gum is not going to be removed with a puff of air. Please clean your slides before sending them (most in their original boxes or in plastic bags have zero dust and cleaning them might actually put more dust on it)

How to Package
Please do not send carousels, cartridges, cassettes or other holders. Only send rubber-banded together or boxed slides or plastic bagged in groups. Due to free return shipping for USA or discounted shipping for International- bulky cartridges etc add to my shipping expense - I reserve the right to say "no thanks"

No nudes, no porno, no risque, Only family friendly slides.

Art, people, places, vacations, technical, weddings, events- yes to recreational, family, work, business, commercial, historic, etc slides. Only PG rated type slides please.

I combine shipping with my other listings and also for multiple purchases.

If you need more assistance - no problem send a message or phone. I do my best to come to the phone when it rings- sometimes I cannot answer the phone as I work processing film too and cannot always stop what I am doing- or risk ruining what I'm working on. I am a one-man-shop and do-it-all.

Dr Virago Pete

Email  drviragopete@att.net
Telephone (847) 454-7858
How to Figure the Number of Slides
Standard Carousel contains 80 slides
High-Capacity Carousel contains 140 slides

Most small plastic or cardboard boxes contain
24 slides (count them as some have extras or short)
36 slides (count them as some have extras or short)

If you are careful loading and shooting your film, you can sometimes get an extra shot or two out of a roll. So boxes sometimes contain more slides than expected.

3 x small cardboard boxes (24 x 3 plus 1 extra one per box = 75 slides)
1 x large plastic box (36 x 1 plus 2 extra ones = 38 slides)
1 high capacity carousel (3 slides missing) = 137 slides
1 standard carousel = 80 slides
330 slides