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First things first - Im not affiliated with Commodore or the Amiga mfg in any way - except one - I'm a proud Amiga user since the very beginning.

Unfortunately, Amiga computers eventually start to fail due to Electrolytic capacitors bulging and leaking corrosive flux. This vomitting of the capcitors contents - changes the values in capacitance and internal resistance. Sometimes even an internal short develops within the capacitor - which can damage other nearby components.

What to do about it?

Well some people just sell their Amiga ... and then someone else has that problem to solve.

The thing is that - eventually (NOW) almost all Amiga computers REALLY could use a recap. Even if it is still working properly - your capacitors may be oozing out their contents onto the mainboard and potentially eating the copper traces.

Theres alot of evidence online about the need for replacing all of the electrolytic capacitors.

Some people go the route of replacing the capacitors with
1. Replacing SMD electrolytics with SMD electrolytics (same size as before)
2. Replacing SMD electrolytics with SMD ceramic (smaller than before - non flux type)
3. Replacing SMD electrolytics with Can-style electrolytics (bigger than before - non SMD)
4. Replacing Can style electrolytics with Can style electrolytics (same size as before)
4. Other

Well there is still an "experimental-ness" common in forums. Some people want to "Do it once and for all" and decide to replace their capacitors with no-more-flux-will-ever-flow-out-of-my-capacitors-ever-again - but you have to think about it - see some capacitors on the Amiga motherboard ARE SMD capacitors and other ones are Electrolytic types.

Dont you think Commodore engineers thought about that
when they made the board - of course they did.

So what is best (in my opinion) is replacing the capacitors with THE SAME AS BEFORE type - of course someday they will go bad and will need replacing too.

Problems and Flaws with capacitors
1.The problem with chip-type ceramic capacitors is the changing /unsteady values when measured with a meter.
2.The problem with tantalum chip type capacitors is when they fail they fail CATASTROPHICALLY and sometimes explode.
3.The problem with electrolytic capacitors is when they fail - they leak.


So we need to use what we have available to replace it with. Until something better comes along - we need to replace the leaking capacitors with something in todays age of electronic parts. I suggest - replacing with as close to original as possible for best results- afterall - it lasted 20+ years so far.

I recommend that you take a look at youtube videos - some very helpful videos showing owners carefully replacing their capacitors (and some scary ones where they were lucky not to cause damage doing it that way- SHEESH)


Some people have soldering and sesoldering skills and some do not. You gotta LOVE your Amiga to PAY someone with experience to do things carefully and professionally. Thats where I come in. I have 30+ years of electronics experience and have quite a few high-end professional pieces of equipment for diagnosing and replacing of parts.

See this link and ITS A VERY LONG PAGE WHICH SHOWS ALL OF MY EQUIPMENT copy/paste into your web browser.

What I Love about the Amiga Computer and the community.

Ive owned both an Amiga 1000 and currently own Amiga A4000T - fully decked out. I enjoyed attending user group meetings in the 1990s and the full gammit of the members - from music lovers to hardware upgrades to game players and more. The friendly atmosphere and even the small dues/fees to belong to the user group - was a worthwhile investment of time. At that time I had an entry level 1000 where the 500 was king and a few members who were more well-to-do owned a 2000 or wished they could afford a 3000.

Since that time period - the 1990s came and went and Standard definition came and went. Currently the television standard is HD broadcast in 720 and 1080 and the transition to 4k is in progress where stores are full of 4k TVs for a few hundred bucks.

So where does the Amiga fit in?

The diehard fans (Im one of them) love their machine both for nostalgia, and also for the Toaster, Flyer, accelerators and all of the other add-ons we've invested in. Sure the dollar value has dropped - sometimes as much as 15x lower value than we've paid for. But still - we LOVE our Amiga computer and the versatility and performance that this machine provides.

Way back in the 1990s my Amiga A4000T was purchased from a vendor for a whopping $15,000 and FRANKLY I only could drool over such a machine. I feel lucky to be the second owner of my machine- and very proud hertitage of TV shows and space battles and CGI graphics which this model of machine produced.

But the machine came with the dreaded cap issues and more- so it took skill to restore.

So how much does a recap cost?

Well it depends on how much you do yourself. If you are handy and can remove the board yourself - this saves quite a bit of money - both in shipping cost and in my labor hours. Some people provide their own capacitors. Some people just want me to provide everything TURN KEY style.

Its up to you. I can replace everything or just somethings.

Lets discuss your needs.

The starting price is $125 per board (DIY removed by buyer) for BASIC capacitor replacing - with same as before style. Plus return shipping.

Want something different or customized? Lets talk. Got a leaky battery or other issue? Lets discuss your needs.

Planning on doing things yourself - well that depends on your skill level and the quality of parts you buy and the suitability of your equipment for replacing/diagnostics. No everyone is skilled - and your Amiga can be worse off - if done in an amateur method.

to pay someone else to do it for you.

Im not affiliated with ANY MFG or product for the Amiga. This is NOT a factory service center. I will use my own good judgement when ordering parts/replacing. Not everything is fixable. I dont offer any warranty or guaranty. I will do my best. I dont copy ROMs or other copyright infringement sorry. The components I replace are typical off-the-shelf type discreet components and common non-proprietary IC chips.

Dr Virago Pete
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Illinois USA

$10 Quote/Consultion Fee (non refundable, not applicable to repair cost)
I charge a $10 quote fee which covers my time in viewing your emailed photos and phone conversations. You'd be surprised how many people want to "reminice" and "daydream" on my time- so the $10 fee gets right to the point. Dont you hate that about PCers? Well Im a combination of both PC and Amiga - so there you go.

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Ready to buy my BASIC recap service? $125 plus $19.99 return shipping and handling - basic recap service covers most models of board. Buyer to send ONLY the board in a well packed box with antistatic bag and well protected from rough shipping, Non rush order price. No fancy capacitors price. USA shipping address price. No guaranty or warranty - will do my best effort.

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