The above picture shows a Polaroid Phototape model 608 film cartridge (color film). This vintage tape is opened to show the contents of the box. I have a few dozen sealed and unused vintage film cartridges just like the item pictured - which I acquired from a reputable seller who stored these sealed expired film cartridges in ideal temperature controlled conditions.

The 25ea Polaroid 608 cartridges are expired as they were discontinued and quite rare to find sealed  ( new old stock NOS ).

I have processed 1 of these film cartridges and have found the cartridge still worked - even though it is expired and well past the date marked on the box. I offer no guaranty on the sales of these phototapes and no warranty. As-is sales only please as I have no control over whether each and every Phototape 608 would or would not work.

I also have the ability to process your Polaroid Phototape 608 film cassettes. I own a film processing machine for this media and can also transfer the film contents to DVD.


I am not affiliated with Polaroid in any way. Except that I own several well made Polaroid machines which are speciafically made for transfer and processing of this film cartridge / cassette.

Let me know what you need:

1. Purchase of Polaroid Phototape 608 film cartridge cassette

2. Processing your film cassette

3. Transfer of content to DVD

4. Repair of Polavision Land Player "TV style movie cartridge viewer"

Pictured above is a Polaroid Camera which uses the Polaroid Phototape 608 film cartridge. This camera is called a Polavision Land Camera and operated on 4ea AA standard batteries. Once the camera has recorded images onto the film - the cassette is removed and placed into the processing machine which develops the film in just a few minutes.

I make no claim that every film cassette is good or processable. I process film and sell expired film - Strictly on an as-is basis. With no guaranty or warranty or liability of any kind please. Hobby use / experimental - only please. I dont know of anyone who would warranty a 20+ year old expired film - do you? I can try to process and I have had good results - but offer no claim of suitability.

Note - this cassette is often mistaken as a VHS tape as it is approximatley the same size as a full-size VHS videotape. If you find that you have a Polaroid Phototape 608 in your videotape or film library and - need to have it processed/developed or transferred to dvd - let me know. Polaroid is well-known for instant films and this Phototape 608 is a an instant movie film which required processing in a machine - which I own this processing machine - and I am very skilled in the correct way to process this film type.

Polavision Phototape B&W or Color

The more well-known version of film cassette / cartridge was the model 608 color film. But B&W Black and White Phototape cassettes were also available as model 617. My film processing machine will process 608 color or 617 B&W. I can also transfer color or B&W to DVD - so regardless of the model of phototape - I can help you.

608 means Color film

617 Means Black & While film

My technical Notes

The duration of the film playback is approx 2 minutes and 35 seconds per phototape and contains approx 35 feet of film. The playback speed is approximately 15 frames per second.

Film window shows "Exposed"  when it comes out of the film camera ready to be processed.

Film shows "ReRUN" after it is rewound.

Film window has a square film notch (sensing notch) on one portion and  straight for the recordable portion 35ft approx.

608 Film has tiny microscopic vertical stripes similar to "Lenticular 3D Postcards" and these prismatic vertical lenses curve the light to create color - similar to how a prism separates light into a rainbow of colors.

BTW I also process Polaroid 35mm instant film types too and I also own the machine for processing that film type too. Sometimes people are skitish about processing their own film or afraid to process it incorrectly or afraid they will make a mistage in the procedure. I am very skillled in processing Polaroid instant film types correctly using only genuine fully working pristine equipment.

I actually use Polaroid 35mm instant film regularly as I make a calibration slide - see my other page for details of this 35mm slide made from polaroid Polapan or Polachrome instant film which is processed in a special film processing machine.

Heres a link to my other page (or go to the top of this page and click "35mm calibraton slide") which shows the item I make using instant film.


I am addition this repair section to this webpage. Over the years I have had quite a few buyers of my repair service for the Polavision Land Player unit. Description brown metal box shaped like a TV. Top loading of Polavision cartridge. The typical issue I see is that it doesnt power up and is totally unresponsive and does absolutely nothing. I am not an authorized repair center and have no affiliation with Polaroid. I have fixed 26 of 27 units I have ever seen with only 1 which I was not able to fix. The "totally dead" symptom can be caused by electronic components and electronic components which need service. I am willing to repair and restore your machine. 30+ years of  repair experience on all types of electronics. I have added this section so readers with a land player know that "yes I do repair these units." I also have spare parts in stock. No rush order repairs please. Doing a good job takes time.


I have acquired an additional Land Player unit in very good condition - it is available for sale as a whole unit or parts. Let me know what you need.

Asking for your information on locating a rare machine

Also I am interested in acquiring a machine made by Kodak called the Kodak Supermatic8 which was made in 1973 approx and is shown on my "Wanted" page. I have a real interest in Super8 / Regular8 / 16mm/ 35mm film processing - maybe a reader will know the whereabouts of this rare machine. Here is my wanted page link

Click on the BUY NOW button AFTER you have selected from the drop-down-list-box. Sometimes buyers have a combo order which includes other films/parts/services etc and they want a lot special combo price - phone me for combo deals. Phone me to discuss price/content/condition. I transfer ALL film and audio videotape types. I can also provide a custom paypal invoice tailored to your order- let me know. I value your business.

Choose Dr Virago Pete's Services and Parts

I have added this PAY NOW button which is not for any parts or services. This is a technical phone training conversation in which I help you to troubleshoot your Polavision Land Player. I am an expert in fixing these units and I have a 100% record in fixing ALL units. My expertise is self taught and this took years of work to figure out. Most people do not need or want their old player. However some people do want the unit in operational condition and feel they could fix it themselves - if they only knew what was wrong. That is where I come in. I will ask you to answer a list of questions and then tell you which part/assembly and what you need to do. $150 fee for your own DIYer repair consultation. Buyer agrees not to devulge my secrets. No videos, no website, no compete - please keep my secrets a secret. I worked hard to solve these issues and devoted many years of my life to what I do. Non refundable. No guaranty or warranty.

Update 12/25/18
I have added this photo of the CAD drawing which I created from scratch with a calculator in one hand and Windows XP laptop running software Solvespace to create this replacement gear for the normally cracked/broken clear plastic original. I have designed it to be stronger than the original in certain places. It is made of a different type of plastic than the brittle resin of the original. It will press-fit onto the original steel shaft.

The following PAY NOW button is for USA buyers and is $74.99 including shipping. You get 1ea plastic 3d printed gear (see photo above) and nothing else. No files - just the gear ready to install into your existing metal shaft exactly in the same spot as your old cracked or broken clear gear was before.

Clicking on this paypal button will take you to where you can pay with check, creditcard, or paypal.
Please make sure your shipping address is correct in paypal before you pay as Im required to ship it to the address you have on file at the time of purchase which cant be changed later.

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