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Snowblower Repair Guide CD Disc

Who is this CD made for?
1. Beginners
2. Intermediates

***This instructional CD is not for professional use and is aimed at everyday men/women to teach the buyer the basics and fundamentals of do-it-yourself simple fixes.****

CD-ROM (CD-R) Requires installation to view videos and article on reasonably current PC with Windows. It will NOT play on standard DVD players. It will play on any reasonably current PC and video screen resembles TV quality. Please ask a PC knowledgeable friend to assist you in installation. Otherwise you can email me for help in getting the CD to play. Be patient and I'm glad to help.

Problems Solved on 2 stage Snowblower model 521 5hp 21":
1. Auger doesn't turn on one or both sides
2. Starting issues
3. Pullstart string is broken or doesn't retract correctly
4. Correct starting procedure
5. Difficulty in starts - takes a long time to start
6. It started last year but doesn't want to start this year
7. Spark plug issues - clean and gap
8. Setting choke
9. Drive engagement
Reverse doesn't work - tension adjustment

Problems Solved on single stage 3hp and 3.25hp Powerlite and Powerlite-E models
Bad compression - detailed disassembly and reassembly incorporating new parts cost $40
2. Setting choke

3. Spark plug issues - clean and gap
4. It started last year but doesn't want to start this year
5. Correct starting procedure
6. Difficulty in starts - takes a long time to start

7. Pullstart string is broken or doesn't retract correctly
8. Starting issues
9. 2 cycle oil and gasoline mix ratio and procedure

All of the snowblowers shown and demonstrated being repaired had pull-start.
Electrical starter motor issues are not covered.

Note: PowerLite-E models denote that it has electric start (I show step by piston/ring/connecting rod etc rebuild on this model). My CD is applicable but doesn't cover the starter motor. Only the running and starting issues are covered.

This CD-ROM disc is not fancy, and I am not fancy. The videos were shot with good quality camcorder and edited but is not a Hollywood style million dollar production. Videos have full sound but there is no narration- no announcer - no voice during playback. Why? It serves worldwide buyers. Also the article is on CD which requires you to read to fully understand. Videos are simple and basic. 100% original content. Saves you money over taking it to a shop where minimum charge is $75 per hour.

Videos show several models of Toro Snowblower from 3hp to 5hp. All of the snowblowers shown and demonstrated and repaired have a Tecumseh engine. Due to similarities in models the contents are applicable to many many models and various brands due to similarities in design. See photos.

If your snowblower is not shown in the photos - email me the model, and I will let you know if applicable to your problem.

One model with severe problems costed $40 in parts to repair (bad compression piston/ring replacement). Two models costed $0 in parts to repair (misc issues). I do not claim to show every possible problem or symptom and the solution. This CD-ROM will address about 90% of the most common non-starting issues. Some solutions take an hour to fix and other more serious problems took all day to fix. The techniques shown in many ways are similar to lawnmower and rototiller etc. engines. What you learn about getting difficult to start engines to run- will also help you in summer months - for example in starting a generator or lawnmower or rototiller etc. Only snowblowers are demonstrated in this CD. Some references to lawnmowers are made due to similarities.

What you receive:
1 CD-ROM disc (burned CD-R) with printed face. Protected by standard white CD envelope. The package is double cardboard backer. The package is shipped within 3 business days of your payment and then shipped via US Post Office. USA shipping can take about 1 week. International Shipping can take longer. Don't get mad if it takes awhile to arrive as shipping is not quick.

One of the things I'm most proud of about this CD-ROM is tackling a very serious repair that most shops would say, "No" to or cause the buyer to say, "Time for a new snowblower- this one is too far gone." Even many seasoned professionals who commonly do carb kits (carb kit not shown on this CD) or carburator cleanings - would benefit from viewing how to replace the piston and rings. No fancy special tools required. The cost of $40 restored an otherwise junk snowblower to like new. Now, my CD also covers alot of very minor simple things you can do to to get your difficult snowblower to run. I typically spend Zero bucks fixing them. The worst case scenario  - bad compression - is no longer impossible. Actually not that hard and many handy people can tackle it after learning how.

Whether you have a single stage or two stage Toro snowblower big or small- oil mix or straight gasoline model. If your model is not listed- email me and I'll answer your questions.

testimonial Letter:
Hi Peter,
Thanks so much for the reply.
First, I'd like to say that I've applied your techniques for
starting a Toro Powerlite that had <blanked>
it worked perfectly!!  I did exactly what you said on using <blanked>
and now it starts on the first pull. Just beautiful.
 Just can't begin to say what a great set of videos and documentation you have.
 Thanks again.
<Name Blanked>
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I'm not fancy, and my CD isn't fancy. Many buyers have repaired their snowblowers themselves and saved a bundle. Know-how is the key.
No rush orders please as shipping is not fast.

Dr Virago Pete
(847) 201-7947

This listing is for 1ea Dr Virago Pete's "Snowblower Repair CD" (C) Copyright
All Rights Reserved. Do not Resell, Do Not Copy, Do Not Transmit

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