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Here is a paypal button for $10 Quote Consultation Fee. This covers my time in phone or email communication. Speaking writing and download/upload photos takes time. I charge for my time and services. This $10 does not apply to any parts or services and is non-refundable. I find that this tends to screen out 99% of emailers/callers. The 1% of emailers/callers are my buyers. I reserve customer service and technical answers to buyers only. I reserve the right to say no thankyou or to charge more due to the complexity of the question etc. I perform repairs and or diagnostics service for -circuit boards/parts etc. BUT no repairs and no diagnostics testing services are included in this $10 Quote Consultation fee.

Dr Virago Pete's
Grid Tie Inverter &
                        Power Inverter Repair Service

Grid Tie Inverters Repair Service
AC Power Inverter Repair Service
Solar Panel Repair

Typically these devices are used for solar panel or 12V (also 24V, 36V, 48V etc available) battery to power appliances or tools etc.

Sometimes they are used for RV, camping, home solar, or jobsite.

150W 300w 400w 500w 600w 750w 1000w 1200w 1500w 2000W 2500w 3000w 4000w 6000w 8000w (various brands)

I can repair most but not all China made types.

I specialize in fixing
 - unfixable types - I can fix most but not all
 - unsupported types - no name brands can be fixed most of the time
 - big power hungry high wattage types
 - small big-auction site types for cobbled-together diy solar projects

No schematic needed for most component level repairs -
One of the few times when I need a schematic - when there is a charred component in which I cant read the number written on the blown component. In that case having a spare identical unit - I can read the component type from the good unit.

My advice for longer service life - run your inverters or grid tie inverters at 1/3 rated power or less.

My advice for running refrigerator - use inverter 3X the rated wattage of inverter to keep up with the motor startup surge demand - otherwise inverter will not hold up longterm.

My advice for the long run - have one or more spare units on hand

My advice for longer service life - disconnect grid tie before/during/after thunderstorms or other severe weather

My advice for longer service life - big heavy duty inverters will cycle on/off/on/off/on/off when your battery drained. Never drain your battery completely to avoid this hazzardous-to-your-inverters-health power cycling. Sometimes caused by using too high power inverter usage on too few storage batteries.

My advice for longer service life - when fan starts to show signs of age - replace or fix fan - dont run without adequate cooling.

Got a problem with your 3-phase grid tie inverter powered by your wind turbine always dumping the load? No problem.

OK the damage is done and all of the good advice in hindsight - is useful for next time - but who's going to fix your dead or mis-behaving power inverter? Phone me or email.

I also fix (some but not all) solar panels which do not produce output power - call for quote

Big heavy expensive types - yes
Medium size types - yes
Small cheap imported types - yes
Sinewave and Pure Sinewave and Modified Sinewave types - yes

Diagnostics only is also available for the DIYers who like to solder.

Component level repairs - lets face it schematics and board swap are not possible for most inverters and grid tie inverters. My 30+ years experience is used to test your components one-by-one using advanced test gear in-circuit or out-of-circuit.

see my test gear page (copy and paste into your browser or just click above link) "Electronic Parts testing Service"


I try to replace your blown components with more robust beefier components wherever possible. Good quality components where ever possible. I use imported parts and USA parts as available. I can crodd reference most parts in my extensive library of books and specifications.

Im your best shot at fixing it.

Drop off or mail.

Phone (847) 454-7858 between 11am and 7pm daily
Illinois, USA (Central Time Zone)

Also see my webpage for electronic parts repair service. Im the very best at most electronic diagnostics and repair.

Quote and repair service is cheapest if no attempt to repair or untinkered with.
Repair of similar model LOTs & combining several bad units into one or more good units is also available. The key to success in business is variety and flexibility.

Lets talk about what your needs are. I'll see what I can do.

No rush orders