Dr Virago Pete's EDM Build & Use CD-ROM

Build Your Own Desktop Mini Tiny EDM -

Makes molds & dies, keyways, burns broken taps, more

Have you always wished you had your own personal EDM? EDM means Electric Discharge Machining. (Also known as Spark Erosion Machining) The machine pictured cost $100 to build from scratch. Many of the parts like steel pieces and electrical parts were purchased from the local hardware store. It takes average skill to make. Videos show you step-by-step how to build it- you'll be amazed at the high quality results. You can use these plans to make your own amazing items. Everyone can now afford their own EDM- Plus, it is amazingly simple to operate. For most machinist's needs- this simple and small EDM will take care of all your needs.

  • You may already have most of the materials you need if you collect "stuff". (steel, motors, etc)
  • Compare to a full-size EDM sinker or wire which can run tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.
  • A full-size machine can handle 36" items in size (just too big for this machine)
  • This miniature machine can handle up to 6" items in size (just right for small shops and home users)
  • Finished size of completed machine will fit on a desktop with much room to spare.
  • CD will teach you where to buy all of the materials needed (nothing exotic or hard to find).
  • All of the electrical components came from a used PC Power Supply (very commonly available).
  • No special fluids required- CD shows what to use as cutting fluid.
  • Fluid can be decanted (let sit for a while and particles settle) and reused.
  • Negatively shaped electrode creates positively shaped impression
  • Positively shaped electrode creates negatively shaped impression
  • CD demonstrates construction using small Craftsman MIG welder wire feed welder
  • Interchangeable bits / electrode design incorporates 3/8" chuck
  • Cuts 1/4" deep die impression into solid steel in about 1/2 hour.
  • Works with all metals. Videos demonstrate cutting horseshoe-shaped die in steel.
  • Electrically isolated and fully insulated.
  • Positive and negative are reversable for custom applications (use electrode to cut or be cut)
  • Reliable, strong, simplified design.
  • Manually operated.
  • Mills Steel, Aluminum, Brass and more.
  • Strong all steel construction.
  • Detailed power diagrams and illustrations.
  • Full electrical connection diagrams.
  • Runs on standard household electricity 110 volts or 220 volts USA or International.
  • Your completed EDM machine will expand your ability to make great items.
  • This cd has lots of content (50+ minutes of high quality video and more.) that will help you understand how it was done.
  • Imagine the money-making possibilities of having your very own EDM machine.
  • Invest a portion of your tax return money on something that will actually make money for you.
  • Able to do some things that a CNC mill can't do- make a square hole. Yes.
  • Applicable to CNC mill users as custom electrodes can be made on the mill (this feature is not demonstrated) and then the EDM's straight down cutting action can make the impression.
  • Video shows how to use a spotwelder to make a cutting electrode from a steel part spotwelded onto a 1/8" shaft. This electrode is then lowered into the steel and makes an exact impression.

This listing is for 1 CD-ROM (CD-R) containing videos, pictures, diagrams and detailed texts to show you how a EDM machine was fabricated transforming steel pieces and wires etc into a fully operational demonstrated instrument.

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The videos and other information is contained on a CD-ROM disc that is playable on a standard PC.

Nearly 100% Positive Customer Feedback. You will be pleased with it too.

No Hollywood Effects or Audio Commentary:
I have put alot of valuable insights and detailed videos on this CD-ROM. It is many times easier and better than any PDF file or book you can read. The videos are low-budget meaning I spent several thousand dollars for the editing, equipment, etc. There are no special effects or any multi-million dollar type hollywood studio stuff. Just plain ol' do-it-yourself type film videography aimed at machinists and fabricators and do-it-yourself craftsmen/women. The videos are not narrated - You will need to read in addition to watching the video segments. I hope that you will feel like you have been in my shop after viewing this CD and I do explain everything I do (every step of the way)- in written form.

Everything you need to install and run the CD is included on the CD (all video and audio codecs and files and more). Complete instructions on the CD- but non-PC savvy people will find it difficult to install (all instructions are found on a READ.ME text file inside the CD). You just have to know what you're doing or have a friend who does. I am willing to answer questions by email. Everyone who has purchased this has been able to get it to work- some have needed extra help by email- I'm willing to help- just be patient and nice is all I ask. I am willing to help you with installation of CD on your PC.

Buyers from other lands not listed- contact me and I will set up a buy-it-now with correct shipping for your distance.

Before you go out and buy parts- wait for this CD to arrive. Videos are in standard Divx format AVI files- very popular and common on PCs and the Internet and new style cell phones, video cameras, Portable hand-held video players etc. If you are not familiar with AVI files, Media Player, and clicking on Yellow Folders- this CD isn't for you (do you have a friend who can help you?)

Who is this CD for? PC Literate, Handymen/women.

You have alot of money making ideas. How do I know this- you are looking into EDM machines and have found my ad. Isn't it time you had your own EDM. My method gives you the highest results with the least cost. Second hand EDM mills tend to be problematic and they are dumping their problems on you. New units cost a fortune. My method allows you to take a fully working manually operated (crank handle) mill. Yes, I show you everything. Get yours today and get some of those ideas into money making business ventures. I use my self-made equipment alot (see my other listings) and it is my second income. Why wait any longer? You need an EDM mill to make money by turning your ideas into real products.

I have special tools- do you?
My business is making tools and parts. My shop has a welder, angle grinder, bandsaw, manual punches, CNC mills, soldering iron, and much more, etc. I use all of the tools I need to do a high quality job. Can you make a hole without a punch? Sure- there are other ways. Can you braze the parts together instead of MIG weld? I'm sure it can be done that way too. See, I use what I have, and you will need to use what you have to build the machine. If you want to see some of the tools in action that I have CDs for (like the CNC mill or upcoming punch CDs I sell- then make those too) the videos contain cutting action of my tools. It may inspire you to buy more than one of my CDs. Don't get mad at me for using unique tools. Be inspired instead to add cool tools to your shop- and increase what you can do with them.

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You'll Love What This Machine Can Do For You.


Dr Virago Pete


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