Dr Virago Pete's

Doll Repair Service

Repair of fiberglass and silicone and plastic mannekins- collectible dolls, lovedolls, medical dolls, robotics, animatronics, hollywood props, paramedic training dolls.

Fiberglass Repair

1 Broken or cracked areas repaired with glass cloth and resin as needed

2 Steel rods welded and rebonded to fiberglass figure

3 Sanding and repainting damaged areas

4 spot / area repainting

Sillicone Mannekins, Collectible infant baby dolls, lovedolls,

Medical / Dental dolls, Animatronics, Amusement Park display

figures, and Robotics, etc

1 Loose joints tightened and incision resealed

2 Broken or torn fingers or finger pokes rebonded and missing areas filled with silicone

3 Foot heel and foot arch etc rebuilding filling in with filler material

3 Back joint pvc pipe or metal rod mending

4 Torn underarms and inside elbow joints rebonded

5 Color matching as closely as possible - a seam will always be visible but professionally repaired is much better than torn

6 Private area rebuilding and color matching as closely as possible - repair is artistic and may differ from the original. Professional repair is better than torn.

Plastic Mannikans and Components

Plastic parts can be thermally plastic welded or chemically rebonded or replaced with a machined replacement part or manufacturer's original part. Full machine shop and fabrication work available. Buyer can obtain the needed part directly from the manufacturer and include the piece or part. Otherwise I will use my best judgement on how to perform the repair. Please keep all bits and pieces as I can often fuse the broken pieces back together.

Custom work available. Trade-ins considered.

Please obtain replacement parts and kits directly from the manufacturer. Otherwise I will use my best artistic talent to custom contour and fill in broken areas and seams with filler materials. A broken area will never be "new" again but I can repair your mannekin or doll or other device to be in much improved condition. Ready for store display or personal or other application.

If you have a preference on materials used - you can include the parts and materials for the work. Otherwise I will use my best judgement on which materials to use for the repair.

Please properly package your item/doll/mannekin/other. Expect rough shipping - your box should be able to withstand bouncy truck shipment and being dropped by carrier. Please clean and sanitize your items thoroughly before shipping - remove all cosmetics and non-essentials from your box or crate - include only that which needs repair.

I am not affiliated with any manufacturer in any way. I will do my very best.

30+ years experience in custom work including welding, fabrication, plastics, cnc, electronic repair, film work, and all sorts of custom work too numerous to list. I always do nice careful neat work, and will use my careful skills to fix/restore your item as best as I possibly can.

Motorized unit repair and electronic repairwork - yes I do that too.

Information Needed

1. Photos of damaged areas

2. Make and model of unit

3. Color number or color name - for color matching

4. Date of manufacture

4. Description of work needed

6. Location city/state - for shipping estimate

7. Crate or box size/weight - for shipping estimate

5. Which parts/materials will buyer supply?

Out-of-warranty repair work and custom work available.

Price depends on repair needed. Call or email for quote.

I reserve the right to say "no - thanks"

NO RUSH ORDERS - quality work takes time

Dr Virago Pete (847) 454-7858


Illinois, USA