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Depending on the condition of your bike - you must choose between installing my Kit or Sending in your Flywheel Rotor Assembly & #2 Idler gear to me for my restoration Service - depending on the severity of the wear on your teeth.

The purpose of this webpage is in regards to those who need Flywheel Restoration Service and are about to remove their flywheel/rotor assembly and have questions.

I have written a one-page sheet which describes
1. How to avoid breaking your timing gear
  a. Timing gear anti-backlash mechanism release
  b. Where to put the rod to separate timing gear halves
2. Tips on how to keep your removal labor cost down to as low as 1 hour labor charge -
      for those who choose to have it professionally removed.
3. Tips to avoid stripping the threads on your center nut/crankshaft threaded end
4. Tips on consequences of doing things the wrong way
5. Warnings with may make you think twice about attempting this yourself
6. Warnings which may make you more skeptical about the correctness of the Y service manual and correctness of the C service manual pages regarding flywheel removal.

Lets face it - when the service manuals were written - the photos and instructions wer taken from a bike with ZERO miles and no wear.

Here we are 30+ years later and DR VIRAGO PETE is the ONLY guide to help you overcome your issues and problems. Dont trust forums or bootleggers or copycats. I know the way - I am your guide to avoid the pitfalls and show you what NOT TO DO.

Much more.

As a seller of Virago parts, educational materials, and services I charge for my services and products. Sometimes non-customers non-buyers-people phone me EXPECTING something for free or no charge - but you have to remember - YOU HAVENT BOUGHT ANYTHING.

Until you buy one of my products or services - you are not yet my customer.

I have made available this Flywheel Tip Sheet which include 1 photo HERE ON THIS WEBPAGE.

The content and photo and tips are mine and protected by copyright. I paid my fees to the US government and is protected by law. Do not copy, do not share, do not transmit any part of my content.

Those who purchase these tips can use it for their own personal repair of their bike. You are NOT entitled to share this information in forums or in videos or any online or local manner. You are not allowed to broadcoast my content.

With that being said - these tips are there to save you grief from making a BIG mistake which can cost you severe damage to your engine IF YOU DO THINGS WRONG. My tips are so important that it is a MUST for anyone thinking about removing or reinstalling a flywheel.

This FLYWHEEL TIP SHEET will be sent to you by EMAIL message - to very same email address from which you send paypal payment.

<Name Blanked> a 35 year mechanic and worked on airplanes, bikes, snowmobiles, trucks, military vehicles etc. <Name Blanked> pretty handy - will I be able to follow the Y. Service Manual or the C. Service manual and avoid damaging my bike?

You have to ask yourself - do you feel lucky? Are you willing to gamble for the safety of your bike? See those books are wonderful - but the pages regarding the flywheel are not wonderful and there are errors and omissions which can lead you to follow the book EXACTLY and still you are wrong. It will cause you to put the flywheel on wrong just by following what the book says!!!! Thats where my tip sheet comes in. I explain where the book is wrong. Pitfalls along the way. If you know my tips - then the book and my tips together help you avoid those pitfalls. Being a 35 year mechanic will help you - of course - but still there will be a point where you have alignments dots or tick marks that dont line up- and you have to ask yourself - do you feel lucky??? On the one hand if you put the alignment marks to one side - you have a working bike. If you put the tick marks on the other side - you now have internal bent parts inside your engine. A Virago is a different beast and no other vehicle mechanic experience will prepare you fully. And the books will not guide you to do it right.
You need the book AND my Dr Virago Pete's Flywheel Tip Sheet to do things right. DO YOU FEEL LUCKY? Why gamble with your bikes health?

Removing a flywheel is not for a 1st timer. It is not for a 30 year motorcycle mechanic, it is not for the person who has never removed a Virago flywheel before. If you have NEVER removed a Virago FLYWHEEL before - you can do serious and costly damage to your bike - by making even a slight error. I dont suggest you attempt it as a NEWBIE.

My Flywheel Tip Sheet also tells you where to take your bike to have this flywheel professionally removed properly and how to have it done for you - for a relatively low price. Its no bargain to have a local amateur do this for you- the cost of mess up is not worth it - if done wrong your bike will never run right - until engine is torn down andthose ben pieces replaced - did you save anything $$$ by having a bad mechanic work on it and destroyed your bikes engine? N.O. And you you paid $50 for them to ruin your engine? $100 bucks? SHEESH you should have bought my Flywheel Tip Sheet - I SHOW YOU WHERE TO TAKE YOUR BIKE & FLYWHEEL FOR PROFESSIONAL REMOVAL - for cheap. Why let the amateur ruin your bike. It makes no sense.

DONT LET THE BUY-ME-A-Beer-And-PIzza BUDDY remove your flywheel.

Removing a flywheel isnt like working on a lawnmower, it isnt like working on a snowmobile, it isnt like working on a tractor, it isnt like working on a car or truck etc. The starting system is unique. It is un-like any other motorcycle's starting system. It is VERY capable of being a quiet, easy starting, no-BS, reliable bike. TRUST DR VIRAGO PETE to be your guide.

A Virago Flywheel is a DIFFERENT BEAST and if you have NEVER worked on a Virago Flywheel - dont let this be your first time. Follow my TIP SHEET and have a professional do it for you.

It doesnt matter HOW MANY OTHER BRANDS or Models of Motorcycle flywheels you have removed - a VIRAGO is a different Beast. Dont do it wrong - or you will have COSTLY damage to your engine.

AVOID this mistake by buying my Dr Virago Pete's Flywheel Tip Sheet.

YOU'LL BE SORRY and the permanent damage will be done and can NEVER be undone - except to remove bent or broken parts inside the ENGINE - and still you will need to contact me when it is time for the flywheel re-install part of your re-work - SAVE TIME AND MONEY - do it the right way the first time. LISTEN UP!!!

Follow my Dr Virago Pete's Flywheel Tip Sheet.

I show you who can do it for cheap if you do a few things on your own in preparation first ahead-of-time.

What My Flywheel Tip Sheet DOES NOT SHOW YOU
What My Flywheel Tip Sheet DOES NOT SHOW YOU
What My Flywheel Tip Sheet DOES NOT SHOW YOU
What My Flywheel Tip Sheet DOES NOT SHOW YOU
1. HOW to remove the flywheel - refer to your service manual - but some things are incorrect
2. Does not show you Every STEP
3. DOES NOT SHOW YOU Everything

There are some pages in the service manuals which GLOSS over key points. You should still use the service manuals in your removal and replacement of the Flywheel BUT using my TIP Sheet - you know which steps are lacking or incomplete.


If your flywheel is installed JUST 1 tooth off ...
- as soon as you press the START button - you have just bent internal parts inside your engine. tick tick tick tick SOUND and other symptoms. You cannot undo the damage- except to remove the whole engine and replace those internal parts. WAS IT WORTH IT TO HAVE THE quote "self -claimed local expert" who works on bikes (but never on a Virago) do this for you for $50 for $100 - your bike is now TOAST (repair it) and you didnt listen to Dr Virago Pete's warning and you didnt buy Dr Virago Pete's  products or services and my price was too high for you???? get real.

SO WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE YOU? You junked your bike because you WEREN'T WILLING TO BUY MY PRODUCTS OR SERVICES. Dont waste your beautiful bike on amateurs. Amateurs come in all shapes and sizes - even 30+ year mechanics CAN BE amateurs regarding flywheel remove/reinstall. DONT LET AMATEURS RUIN your VIRAGO bike.

No parts or other services included.

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