No equipment or item is being sold here.
This listing is for scratched disc repair services.
Got Scratched Discs?

Skipping and Stuttering Music?
Movies that stop and get all speckled and dithered or halt playing?
Got games that won't load?
Got software that doesn't install?

Send up to 100 discs lot in a well protected box within a CD spindle case for easy transport.

Your discs will be inspected, cleaned, and polished.

99 % of all discs that are scratched are fixable

Which ones are not fixable?
Discs that are very deeply scratched and gouged and those that have physical removal of the aluminum sheet- if you can see a hole through the aluminum foil when holding it up to the light - it is beyond repair.

Mix and match CDs, DVDs, Blurays and PC and Game system discs to make up to 100 discs total.

The surface of the disc will be readable and contain a slight swirl from the polishing process. The polishing process does not make the cd look like new but it makes it read like new. There will be some very very very slight scratches remaining in the surface if there are deep scratches as sent.

I can test PS2, CD, DVD, PC discs after repair- make notes on a piece of paper regarding what is wrong with discs, and I will make an effort to test them afterwards. I do not have every game system etc so I cannot test everything. My price is very low and I can tell you that all previous buyers have been thrilled with the results.

Dramatic before and after success in reading your discs.

Some previous customers
1. Libraries
2. resellers of used discs
3. Gamers
4. PC users
5. Video stores
6. Everyday folks like you and me.

Got scratched discs that have normal use scratches? (not run over by a truck or dragged on the asphalt please)

I answer all questions personally and promptly. All your discs will be returned in the same container as shipped. All discs will be perfect or much much much improved or receive partial refund. It comes out to $1 per disc in this 100 lot for the servicing of your scratched discs. Please ship all discs in a tiny package- take all discs out of their case and put into a standard empty CD or DVD spindle for shipping.

I reserve the right to charge more for shipping if you swamp me with boxes and boxes. Just ship them in a small box please within a CD Spindle (see photo)

Photo shows a "CD spindle" on the left and a DVD on the right. I do not provide CD spindles or discs - you provide them. I just remove the scratches from your discs on my professional equipment.

I reserve the right to say "no thanks" to incredibly horrible disks that look like a hurricane hit them. Just normal everyday wear please.

Plan on sending me a few photographs of the very worst of your discs and I'll let you know if I can fix them- send photo before clicking buy-it-now.

I use US Post Office flat rate boxes for return shipping. Allow 10 days for the actual work. Then in addition, allow for shipping time. No rush orders please.

Buyer agrees that every disc in scratched condition (what you are sending me) has a value of zero. The time and effort to inspect and repair each disc or has a value of $1

I offer no guaranty or warranty. I would like you to be a satisfied customer and I value your business.

The glass is half full - not half empty. Be happy with the 99 (may be higher or lower depending on the condition of discs received) discs out of 100 that are fixable rather than angry with me for the one or two discs in the bunch that still skips but is much much much better than before. This is an example of what I can offer realistically - not every disc is going to be perfect as let's face it some discs have very damaged surfaces.

No refund for un-repairable discs or discs that don't work perfect. Some badly scratched discs are beyond repair.

Dr Virago Pete

Telephone (847) 454-7858

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Yes, worldwide shipping. If your country is not listed - send email and request quote for your location.