Got Clogged Injectors?

Fuel Injector Restore Service

Send your dirty, fouled, clogged injectors (4ea) in for thorough cleaning and internal parts replacement. 99% of all "bad" fuel injectors are serviceable and restorable to function like new.

Processed in the Following Ways
5 bath wash system external cleaning
Hot/Cold cleaning fluids 5 bath system for internal cleaning
Horizontal and Vertical Ultrasonic Baths remove even the toughest clogs
Internal Filter Replacement with Dr Virago Pete's Ultramesh Filter
Flowtesting to assure equal flow between all fuel injectors received in box
Steel portions are carefully masked & media blasted removing external rust
All internal parts lubricated

What You Get
I am not selling fuel injectors or equipment.
This listing is for cleaning your old injectors (4ea) to make them function well.
Also included is replacement internal filter
Dr Virago Pete's Ultramesh Filter with every injector serviced.
10-14 days processing time

no diesel injectors please

Fuel Injector Cleaning Service the Best
Saves you more money
Ultrasonic cleaner loosens tough dirt without damage to injector
Many pleased buyers over 10 years of experience

Send photos of your injectors before clicking payment button. I'll let you know if I can restore that type.

No rush shipments or special shipping services.
Make sure you have a second car/other transportation while you wait.

Signs of Dirty Injectors
Check Engine Light
Diagnostic code reader states bad injectors
Failed Emissions Test
No Power
Rough idle

Please do not tinker with your fuel injectors. I reserve the right to say "no thanks" to broken, cracked, tinkered-with, or overly rusty injectors. If it is obviously bad- get yourself a new or used one. Send in only good candidates for unclogging and service. My low price is a bargain compared to buying new injectors which can run $100 to $600 each.

Specify the Quantity when you Click on the Payment Button.
2 Cylinder engine - use drop down choice for 2ea

4 Cylinder engine - use drop down choice for 4ea
6 Cylinder engine - use drop down choice for 6ea

8 Cylinder engine - use drop down choice for 8ea
Got a different quantity? Email me first.

USA cars - yes most  (ask first)
Import Cars - Yes most (ask first)
Some fancy foreign cars too - yes most (ask first)
Many older 80s 90s injectors too - yes most (ask first)
Applicable to Many Makes and Models - (I can do many styles - but not all types)
About Me
I'm a one-man shop. Since I built my own fuel injector restoration machine, I have the skill and know-how to accommodate even odd-sized injectors. The only stipulation is that it must be a top feed style- not the side feed style. See my photos for some of the thousands of injectors that I have cleaned in the past (too many to list). If you don't see your injector - ask me and I will answer your question promptly and personally. Many different makes and models and even marine engines use these. See my photos and compare what  you see. I see the same types over and over and over again. There are a few oddball ones but most of the common ones are pictured. Many hundreds of satisfied buyers of my Fuel Injector Remanufacturing Service. Remanufacturing is a fancy word to say cleaned inside and out, and I replaced the internal parts. I'm not fancy. I offer a basic service and you'll love the low price.

I don't offer any fancy number sheets for before and after readings from my machine - most people just want their vehicle to run smooth again without the "check engine" light on and get back the acceleration they once had.

I don't work on race car injectors

YES family cars, boats, suvs, motorcycles YES.

Some fancy foreign cars here and there but mostly just the average car/truck you see driving down the road is the type of injectors I service mostly.

send photo of your injectors before clicking on buy-it-now
Click buy-it-now for your top-feed injectors to be restored (see my photos).

Remember to also change your fuel filter when you install your fully cleaned and serviced injectors- as that prevents the crud inside your fuel system from attacking your nice clean injectors which I just serviced for you!

Save hundreds of dollars over buying new ones. Some otherwise perfectly good cars would be junked or sold- the only thing wrong is clogged fuel injectors.

Do you throw out your dirty dishes? Do you throw out your dirty clothes? In the car industry, 99.99% of all automotive repair shops throw out dirty fuel injectors and charge you hundreds or even thousands. It is HUGE business. I've been cleaning fuel injectors forever.

Got a 50 dollar bill? That's all it takes to fix most cars.

Dr Virago Pete

Phone number
(847) 454-7858
(send photos of your injectors before you buy- I restore most top feed types but not all of them)

$24.99 plus shipping for 2ea injectors unclogged / cleaned
$49.99 plus shipping for 4ea injectors unclogged / cleaned
$67.99 plus shipping for 6ea injectors unclogged / cleaned
$78.99 plus shipping for 8ea injectors unclogged / cleaned

Cost of shipping
USA $5.99
Canada $6.99
All Other Countries $12.99

The PAY NOW button below is for USA Buyers ONLY.
The BUY NOW Button below is for CANADA Buyers ONLY.

All other countries send email
Quantity of Injectors
Quantity of Injectors