Dr Virago Pete's Scanner Repair Service and Parts

First of all I am not an authorized repair center.

This page fills a need for replacement parts and repair services for Nikon Scanner models 9000 and 8000 LS and ED and ICE.

1. Flakey / Intermittant / non-working Power Switch
2. Plastic U-Joint Coupler is often cracked or broken / busted
3. Error codes and error messages
4. Discolored scans such as purple or blue or reddish or red etc
5. Noises

I offer for sale
1. Technical support (prepaid only)
2. Parts for sale
   a) replacement power switch
   b) replacement coupler
3. You can send me your entire scanner for repair
4. You can DIY your own cleaning and repair with my parts/technical support

Of course shipping your scanner will have shipping costs.
For the handy Do-It-Yourselfer this can save on shipping cost and labor.

Dr Virago Pete
Phone: (847) 454-7858 Illinois, USA between 11am and 7pm daily
Email: drviragopete@att.net

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