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Stratasys Genisys model 1 or Genisys XS

I have been looking for spare parts and plastic media wafers for this model printer for about 5 years and occasionally I get a phonecall or email from a seller of parts or an owner who has decided to AAARGH give up on it and part it out. Its a real waste of a great machine to do that. DONT DESTROY IT.

I should say right upfront that Im not affiliated with Stratasys in ANY WAY. I own a few of their parts and pieces as they are super rare - my approach is to find the rare items and then later buy the machine itself. I know of no-one-else who has this approach. See some people have the machine but they are missing the wafer chips and cartridges and - this lack of print media means - their printer has no material to print.

Its like owning a car - but with no gas stations to buy gas from!

(there are plenty of gas stations in USA- dont worry - 1 every 1/4 mile in my local area)

My point is that I now have 3 full tanks of media - probably more media than I will use in my lifetime.

Now that I have sufficient media - Ive made a few purchases of spare parts
1. Printhead
2. Wafer loading mechanism (tractor feed/worm gear) which loads the chip into the printhead
3. LCD & board & Silicone kepad & backer
4. Misc PCB Boards / circuit boards
5. The Computer and steel beige case - contains cards, hard drive, CPU, memory ports etc
6. Odds and ends cables, connectors, brackets
7. Black plastic ten-bay cartridge loading dock and attached PCB

8. I dont yet have a spare power supply
9. Instruction manual  3-ring Binder
10. Floppy diskettes
11. CD-ROM installation
12. Loose wafer chips without case
13. Empty cartridges (approx 25) and empty boxes
14 Full cartridges with approx 50 wafer chips each (unsealed)
15 Full cartridges with approx 50 wafer chips each (sealed NIB)

I dont have any print samples - got some print samples for sale?

As I create the beginnings of this page on Sept 12 2016 I am planning on including photos of all the parts/pieces I have purchased over the last few years. Some through big-auction-site. Some through phonecalls from the seller and paid by paypal.

I see $200 - to - $450 for a semi-pretty-good-hobbyiest machine. But instead I choose to keep investing in whatever Stratasys Genisys parts I can find/buy. It is what I prefer. Maybe the reader prefers something different - I made my choice a long time ago and Im sticking to it.

There are fewer and fewer Stratasys Genisys and XS machines each and every year
1. Dumpster
2. Converted to reprap
3. Mangled in shipping
4. Damaged in storage
5. Lack of print media
6. No power up
7. Powers up but with an error
8. Missing printhead and one PCB - disabled by upgrading

I have communicated with sellers who refused to sell to me and later when I contacted them to see if I can buy parts pieces they ended up throwing out years ago- what a waste!!!

I could barely find any online photos /videos of anything even printed on a Stratasys Genisys or XS.

Update 4/16/17
I have located a Stratasys Genisys XS in fixer upper condition and have begun making payments/installments. The machine was functioning correctly but the seller decided to print his own PLA homemade wafers (as he was down to only 100 original wafers, he printed some on his other 3d printer) and the very first one jammed. I hope that the wormdrive/belt drive which feeds the wafer into the Genisys XS printhead isnt broken. Reprap filament PLA is a material that melts at somewhere between 190 to 220 degrees C. The Stratasys Genisys wafers melt at a much lower temperature as it is a special Polyester and probaby has a melting point approx 30 to 40 degrees C cooler. So that homemade PLA wafer was not a good idea and it ruined his machine. I have a bunch of Stratasys Genisys XS parts which I bought from a seller who had gutted his machine to make a reprap. That seller sold me everything except the shell, mechanism, motors, magnet reel switches, heated buildplate and power supply - so I most likely have everything I need to fix this machine with the jammed PLA wafer. I have some expenses for the next two months in saving funds for a new roof. The seller of the PLA jammed Genisys XS is willing to drop it off from Michigan to Illinois and willing to accept installment payments. Im glad to finally find one and catches me at a bad time when I have to redo my roof. I am working hard to come up with the funds for both my roof project and the 3d printer - which I have been looking for - for years. For some reason sales have been better than past years so Im hopeful that good sales will continue for awhile longer as I take-on these challenges.

Here are 2ea youtube video demos from the seller showing the actual printer that I am in the process of purchasing.


Working or not-working
whether working or not.

I dont mind getting duplicate parts.
I want as many spares as I can afford.

Here is my Wanted page which has been running for years.

I also ran a Craigslist ad for years looking for part/pieces.

As I take photos of the parts/pieces/items  I will post them here as a gallery. I will not be posting PDF files or software etc as a respect of copyright.

Dr Virago Pete
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Note Im also in the process of restoring a 3-D Systems Thermojet from the very same era (original cost $50,000) which I paid $150 on auction and $750 shipping cost. See this webpage

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