Dr Virago Pete's
Soldering and Desoldering Service

Lets face it - not everyone has the skills and or equipment to perform every task. Rest assured that I have all types of equipment needed perform nearly any job - no matter how delicate or tough - I'll consider it.

Sometimes people call for
1. A chip or part to be installed on a board
2. A vintage kit to be built
3. A delicate repair or upgrade
4. other

Often the buyer knows exactly which parts he/she wants replaced AND has the new part ready-to-be-installed but is fearful of making a mistake by Attempting to do it yourself.

Soldering intimidates alot of people and SMD is current technology and through-hole-component is vintage technology - both requires a different set of tools to do right. Im an expert at all types of soldering/desoldering.

Sometimes a department store soldering iron
and a DIYer's steady hand is not enough ...

Thats where I come in.

I can use my over 30+ years of hands-on soldering and desoldering experience to help you solve your issue, make something brand new, upgrade your existing electronic board - or other/invention.

I charge a fee for my time in the initial quote/consultation. This $10 fee covers my time in listening to all the facts in the phonecall and or email. It can include photos, conversation, parts search etc.

If you have something/some project you want quoted for my soldering/desoldering services - click on the $10 paypal button below. It is a non-refundable charge and covers my time in responding. I keep the $10 whether you decided to go ahead with my service or refuse.

Here is a link which shows all of my equipment- which I use regularly. In fact the whole top of this page has NUMEROUS links of things I create, sell, services, etc. Im a bit of a jack of all trades - with a large set of skills.


Dr Virago Pete
(847) 454-7858 between 11am and 7pm daily
Illinois USA

Click on the following paypal button to pay the Non-Refundable Quote/Consultation Fee for Dr Virago Pete Soldering and or desoldering service. This fee covers my time in phone conversation, email communication. It is not applicable to any other services or parts. This $10 fee is not deductable from actual service or parts charge. It is ONLY for the initial quote consultation.

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